Workshop on Nonlinear Reactions and Cooperative Phenomena (NRCP)

Nonlinear phenomena and self-organization have been actively investigated for over 30 years and have made significant progresses in many kinds of research fields such as mathematics, physics, chemistry, and biology. It is no wonder that such great successes have been supported by a close network of the researchers over their background. Workshop on Nonlinear Reactions and Cooperative Phenomena (NRCP) has been regularly held every year in Japan. Language of the workshop is basically in Japanese due to the domestic workshop in Japan, but presentation in English is acceptable, e.g., presentation of a visiting professor.

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30th Tokyo University of Science Yutaka Sumino

29th 7th Dec. 2019 Sizuoka Institute of Science and Technology Ben Nanzai

28th 15th Dec. 2018 Tokyo University of Technology Satoshi Sasaki

27th 9th Dec. 2017 Fukuoka Institute of Technology Rinko Shimokawa, Hiroyuki Kitahata, and Suematsu J. Nobuhiko

26th 10-11 Dec. 2016 Meiji University Nobuhiko J. Suematsu

25th 3rd Oct. 2015 Asahikawa Medical University Tatsuo Akitaya, Hiroyuki Mayama, Takayuki Murosaki

24th 7th Dec. 2014 Tokyo Denki University Yoshiharu Mukoyama, Hiroyuki Kitahata, Nobuhiko J. Suematsu

23rd 7th Dec. 2013 Hokkaido University Masaharu Nagayama, Masakazu Akiyama, Elliot Ginder, and Hiroyuki Kitahata

22nd 8th Dec. 2012 Ochanomizu University Yoshihito Mori, Tatsunari Sakurai, and Hiroyuki Kitahata

21st 17th Dec. 2011 Hiroshima University Satoshi Nakata

20th 8-9th Jan. 2011 Kagoshima University Akiko Kaminaga

19th 9-10th Jan. 2010 Yokohama National University Takashi Amemiya

18th 10th Jan. 2009 Doshisya University Akihisa Shioi and Takahiko Ban

17th 12th Jan. 2008 Chiba University Tatsunari Sakurai

16th 13th Jan. 2007 Keio University Koichi Asakura

15th 18th Mar. 2006 Ochanomizu University Yoshihito Mori

14th 4-5th Dec. 2004 Osaka University Yoshihiro Nakato and Shuji Nakanishi

13th 6-7th Dec. 2003 Kyoto University Kenichi Yoshikawa, Tatsuo Akitaya, and Hiroyuki Kitahata

12th 7-8th Dec. 2002 Nara University of Education Satoshi Nakata and Takeko Matsumura

11th 1-2nd Dec. 2001 Ochanomizu University Yoshihito Mori

10th 18-19th Nov. 2000 Yamaguchi University Hidetoshi Miike

9th 4-5th Dec. 1999 Ochanomizu University Shuko Fujieda and Yoshihito Mori

8th 5-6th Dec. 1998 Nara University of Education Takeko Matsumura and Satoshi Nakata

7th 15-16 Jan. 1998 Kazusa Academia Taketoshi Hideshima

6th 16-17th Nov. 1996 Institute for Molecular Science Ichiro Hanasaki and Yoshihito Mori

5th -------------- 1995 Science University of Tokyo Suzuki

4th 21-22nd Dec. 1994 Yukawa Institute for Theor. Phys. Qui Tran-Cong

3rd 15-16th Nov. 1993 CSJ Shuko Fujieda

2nd ------------- 1992 Institute for Molecular Science Ichiro Hanasaki and Yoshihito Mori

1st 23-25th Jan. 1991 Institute for Molecular Science Ichiro Hanasaki, Yoshihito Mori, and Kenichi Yoshikawa

0th ------------ 1989 Institute for Molecular Science Ichiro Hanasaki and Yoshihito Mori


Workshop on Nonlinear Reactions and Cooperative Phenomena (NRCP)