1985 Kühlungsborn, Germany

Third Conference "Irreversible Prozesse und Sebstorgansation"

"Selforganization by nonlinear irreversible Processes"

  • Kühlungsborn, Germany
  • March 18-22 1985
  • organized by: Ebeling, W. and Ulbricht, H.

The Proceedings of the conference were published in "Selforganization by Nonlinear Irreversible Processes" by Werner Ebeling and Heinz Ulbricht (editors) as part of the Springer Series in Synergetics, Vol. 33 (1985).

This conference brought together 160 mathematicians, physicists, and biologists from 10 countries, all of whom shared an interest in synergetics. The main topics of the conference were basic concepts of self-organization and evolution, including entropy, instabilities, nucleation, dissipative structures, chaos, and turbulence.