Richard Macy Noyes

(1919 April 6 - 1997 November 25)


1939 B.S. in Chemistry, Harvard, summa cum laude
1942 Ph.D. in Chemistry, California Institute of Technology

Professional Experience:

1942-1946 Guest Instructor/Wartime Chemical Explosives Specialist, California Institute of Technology
1946-1958 Instructor of Chemistry, Colombia University, NYC
1958-1984 Professor of Chemistry, University of Oregon, Eugene


1960-1961 Head of Department, University of Oregon
1963-1964 Head of Department, University of Oregon
1966-1968 Head of Department, University of Oregon 
1975-1978 Head of Department, University of Oregon
1980-1982 Associate editor of Journal of Physical Chemistry 
1985 Chair of Gordon Research Conference on Oscillations and Dynamic Instabilities 
served the American Chemical Society:

Nomination and Elections Committee

Publications Committee

Committee on Committees

chairman of the Division of Physical Chemistry

editorial advisory boards of:

Chemical Reviews,

Journal of Physical Chemistry, 

Annual Review of Physical Chemistry,

International Journal of Chemical Kinetics,

Physical Review A.

Honors and Awards:

1955 Guggenheim Fellowship (Visiting Professor University of Leeds, UK)
1964 Fulbright Research Fellowship, split between Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand (Fulbright fellowship) and the Max Planck Institute für Physikalische Chemie, Göttingen (NSF Senior Postdoctoral Fellowship).
1977 elected to the National Academy of Sciences
1978-1979 Alexander von Humboldt Senior American Scientist Award
1982-1983 Alexander von Humboldt fellowship at the Max Planck Institute für Biophysikalische Chemie, Göttingen
1989 elected as a member of the American Academy of Arts and Sciences


Festschrift for his 70th birthday in the Journal of Physical Chemistry 93(7) on 1989 April 1.

In Memoriam by Field, R. J. and Schelman, J. A. (1999). Richard Macy Noyes, 1919-1997. In Biographical Memoirs, Volume 77, pages 224-246. National Academy Press, Washington, D.C.


Richard M. (Dick) Noyes on Wikipedia.


Endre Kőrös, Richard "Dick" Field, and Richard Noyes (1979)

Richard M. (Dick)  Noyes was an American scientist, best known for his work on the FKN Mechanism. He was born in Illinois, and attended Harvard, graduating in 1939 summa cum laude, and obtained his Ph.D from Caltech in 1942. He declined to work under Linus Pauling for his Ph.D, widely considered to be the greatest chemical mind in America at the time, because he was interested in chemical reactions, rather than Pauling's specialty of chemical structure. He became interested in nonlinear chemical dynamics and the Belousov-Zhabotinsky reaction, and worked with Endre Kőrös and Richard Field to develop the FKN Mechanism in 1974.