MPI Exhibition "Dynamic Pattern Formation in Chemistry and Mathematics"

Dynamic Pattern Formation in Chemistry and Mathematics - Aesthetics in the Sciences

was a travelling art exhibition of 40 scientific pictures, organized by Stefan C. Müller, Mario Markus, Theo Plesser, and Benno Hess between 1987 and 1990.

Some images of the exhibition were also used in the book "Verknüpfungen - Chaos und Ordnung inspirieren künstlerische Fotografie und Literatur (Connections - Chaos and order inspire artistic photography and literature)'' by Horst-Joachim Hoffmann from 1992.
This article in WIFO JOURNAL 93/1 (in German) describes how sciences and photograpy were fused to create this book. 

List of locations of the exhibition Aesthetics in the Sciences

09/1987   Brussels, Belgium Conference for I. Prigogines 70th birthday
11/1987 Stuttgart, Germany Boehringer Fonds (article in the journal Futura)
02/1988 Munich, Germany Nervenklinik der Universität
04/1988 Giessen, Germany Childrens hospital of University
04/1988 Santiago de Chile, Chile Instituto Cultural de Providencia / Goethe Institut
08/1988 Valparadiso, Chile Goethe Institut
09/1988 Dortmund, Germany Library of University
01/1989 Houston, USA University of Texas, Art Center
02/1989 Dortmund, Germany Commerzbank AG
03/1989 Tutzing, Germany Dechema Meeting
04/1989 Princeton, USA Squibb Corporate Headquarter
04/1989 Hamburg, Germany Deutsches Elektronen Synchroton (DESY)
05/1989 Ruttgers University, USA Robert W. Johnson Medical School
05/1989 Berlin, Germany Max-Planck-Institut für Bildungsforschung
08/1989 Dallas, USA Dallas Public Library
09/1989 Hamburg, Germany 10th Eurographics Meeting, Congress center
09/1989 Hamm, Germany Clinic for Manual Therapy
04/1990 Austin, USA University of Austin, Texas
09/1990 Varese, Italy Joint Research Centre, ISPRA
10/1990 Düsseldorf, Germany Academy of Sciences
11/1990 Bochum, Germany Library of University, Observatory


All images in the Chemistry section were originally recorded with a 512x512 camera.

The lab of the Max-Plank-Institut für Ernährungsphysiology in Dortmund was two floors above the computing center (Rechenzentrum, RZ).


In order to access the computer center, they had to run a cable from the fourth floor to the second floor throught the open windows.

1988(not sure)_TV-recording_Hess+Heidecke+Mueller+Plesser.jpg

Benno Hess, Uwe Heidecke, Stefan Müller and Theo Plesser at a television recording at MPI in 1988 in Dortmund, Germany.

Documentations about the exhibit 

06/1986 Television of Dortmund
11/1987 Stuttgarter Television
02/1988 Bayrischer Rundfunk
04/1988 Television in Chile
08/1988 Television in Chile
09/1988 Local Television in Dortmund
01/1989 Channel 5, Houston
04/1989 NDR, local german TV station
06/1989 WDR 3, science show
02/1990 NDR 3, science show

MPI Exhibition "Dynamic Pattern Formation in Chemistry and Mathematics"