Hermann Haken

(* 1927 July 12)


1951 Ph.D., Mathematics, University of Erlangen

Professional Experience:

1959 - 1960 Visiting Associate Professor, Cornell University
1960 - 1995 Professor of theoretical Physics, University of Stuttgart
1969 - 1975 Joint Appointment with University of Strasbourg as Professeur Associé Lectures at various institutions in the USA and Italy
1995 Professor emeritus, University of Stuttgart



1967 Honorary Professor, University of Hohenheim


The Springer Series in Synergetics was founded by Hermann Haken in 1977.


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Hermann Haken was born in 1927, in Leipzig. He is a physicist and professor emeritus in theoretical physics at the University of Stuttgart, best known for his work in Synergetics, in which field he is considered a founding father.