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LGBTQ Equality Rally (2009, 2010)


The first LGBTQ Equality Rallies in Wooster, photographed by Sofie Dittmann

Women's Studies/Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies 40th Anniversary Celebration


Pictures taken at the 40th-anniversary celebration, honouring those who have contributed to WOMN/WGSS from 1978-2018.

Contributors: Frye, Joanne; Hayward, Jennifer; Figge, Susan; Atay, Ahmet; Craven, Christa; Hulk, Linda; Babers, Myeshia; Wade, Casey; Wright, Josephine; Sokol, Elena; Weaver, Mark; Messe, Brenda; Murphy, B; Perbix, Emily; Bowerman, Christina; Clarke, Evelyn; Vogt, Anna; Rapport, Jeremy; Moir Fitz Gibbon, Heather; Durham, Carolyn; Addis, Mary; Grace, Nancy; Erin Jandrey, Kelsey

Feminist and Queer Pedagogies Workshop

This is a collection of oral histories from professors in WGSS disciplines from across the country who came together for this Feminist and Queer…

Contributors: Sirot, Laura; Shange, Savannah; Huston-Findley, Shirley; LeMaster, Benny; Costa, LeeRay; Proctor, Brittnay; Hester, Scarlett; Gill, Harjant; Rapport, Jeremy; Ng, Margaret

Campus and Community Activism


This collection contains oral histories, pictures, statements and other historical works that document the history of the College of Wooster and the…

Queer Voices & Feminist Histories Interviews

This collection contains oral histories of alumni and faculty who are/were involved with the Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies program at the…

Contributors: Craven, Christa; Denise, Monbarren; Joanne. Frye; Fitz Gibbon, Heather; Myatt, George; Bowerman, Christina; Goodwin, Meonyez; Atay, Ahmet; Bonhomme, Isabel; Sherry, Will; Johnson, Hans

Campus Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Related Events

WGSS Week 2013.pdf

Women's Resource Center


A collection of materials produced by the College of Wooster's Women's resource center