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Campus and Community Activism


This collection contains oral histories, pictures, statements and other historical works that document the history of the College of Wooster and the…

Campus Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies Related Events

WGSS Week 2013.pdf

Feminist and Queer Pedagogies Workshop

This is a collection of oral histories from professors in WGSS disciplines from across the country who came together for this Feminist and Queer…

Contributors: Sirot, Laura; Shange, Savannah; Huston-Findley, Shirley; LeMaster, Benny; Costa, LeeRay; Proctor, Brittnay; Hester, Scarlett; Gill, Harjant; Rapport, Jeremy; Ng, Margaret

LGBTQ Equality Rally (2009, 2010)


The first LGBTQ Equality Rallies in Wooster, photographed by Sofie Dittmann

Queer Voices & Feminist Histories Interviews

This collection contains oral histories of alumni and faculty who are/were involved with the Women's Gender and Sexuality Studies program at the…

Contributors: Craven, Christa; Denise, Monbarren; Joanne. Frye; Fitz Gibbon, Heather; Myatt, George; Bowerman, Christina; Goodwin, Meonyez; Atay, Ahmet; Bonhomme, Isabel; Sherry, Will; Johnson, Hans

Women's Resource Center


A collection of materials produced by the College of Wooster's Women's resource center

Women's Studies/Women's, Gender and Sexuality Studies 40th Anniversary Celebration


Pictures taken at the 40th-anniversary celebration, honouring those who have contributed to WOMN/WGSS from 1978-2018.

Contributors: Frye, Joanne; Hayward, Jennifer; Figge, Susan; Atay, Ahmet; Craven, Christa; Hulk, Linda; Babers, Myeshia; Wade, Casey; Wright, Josephine; Sokol, Elena; Weaver, Mark; Messe, Brenda; Murphy, B; Perbix, Emily; Bowerman, Christina; Clarke, Evelyn; Vogt, Anna; Rapport, Jeremy; Moir Fitz Gibbon, Heather; Durham, Carolyn; Addis, Mary; Grace, Nancy; Erin Jandrey, Kelsey