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Kate Aburzzino Interview.mp3
This interview takes place with Kate Abruzzino. Kate Abruzzino is part of the leadership team and one of the founding members of Wayne County's LGBT+ support group, Prism. Topics include the creation and aims of the group and inter-community…

John Clay Interview.mp3
This interview is with John Clay, the 2016-2018 President of the Wooster-Orrville branch of the NAACP. Topics of conversation include the work of the local NAACP chapter and local, regional, and at large civil rights concerns.

This is a newspaper clipping of the College of Wooster's MLK Day celebration. This celebration sought to link MLK Jr.'s dialogues on inequality to present day inequities experienced by Wooster residents. Activities and discussion were held throughout…

Interview with Jesse Garret-Larsen.mp3
This is an interview with Jesse Garret-Larsen, who is a student at The College of Wooster, and has been involved with the Community Breakfast Program. This program is affiliated with the UCC Trinity Church in downtown Wooster, Ohio, which as…

This is an interview is with Bobbi Douglas, the executive director, and Rhiannon Whalen-Harris, the community relations and prevention director at One Eighty. In this interview Douglas and Whalen-Harris discuss One Eighty's work and collaboration…

This newspaper clippings recognizes College of Wooster football players for their work with Every Woman's House, which aids women affected by domestic violence.

This is a flyer for the Inter Greek Council's fundraiser for People to People Ministries.

This is a flyer for the Communication Club's annual event "Haunted Wishart." This was to help fundraise for People to People Ministries. Students were asked to bring canned goods.

This is a flyer for Monyer's House fundraiser for Every Woman's House. The students in Monyer House held a haunted house to obtain donations.

This is a flyer for People to People Ministries' donation drive. This event was in collaboration with the College of Wooster libraries.
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