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2015 IrvFest - Group

This is a group photo of the participants of the "IrvFest 2015 - Celebrating a founding father of chaos!" on July 15, a meeting in commemoration of Irving Epstein's 70th birthday.

The Epstein Laboratory (2008)

This is a photograph of the Epstein lab at Brandeis University in 2008. Rear row: Támás Bansági, Miklós Orban, Marcin Leda, Anatol Zhabotinsky, Irving Epstein, Rachel McIlwaine, Masahiro Toiya, Vladimir Vanag. Front row: Sama Ansari, Damilola…

Group meeting of the Epstein Laboratory (1997)

Screenshot 2017-06-20 10.19.40.png
Group meeting of the Epstein lab at Brandeis University in 1997 with Irving Epstein, Milos Dolnik, Arkady Rovinsky, Krisztina Kurin-Csörgei, Anatol Zhabotinsky, and Miklós Orban.

Irv Epstein's Laboratory (1996)

This is a photo of the inside of Irv Epstein's laboratory.

Irv Epstein's Laboratory (1995)

This is a photo of Irving Epstein's Brandeis University in 1995 with Miklós Orban, Krisztina Kurin-Csörgei, Matthew Eager, István Lengyel, Anatol Zhabotinsky, and Milos. Dolnik.

Kenneth Kustin and Anatol Zhabotinsky (1990)

This is a picture of Anatol Zhabotinsky and Kenneth Kustin taken together at the Spring National ACS Meeting, Boston, MA, April 22-27, 1990.

Posing by Exotic Chemistry Conference Sign (1989)

This is a photo of Irving Epstein, Patrick DeKepper, and Miklós Orbán by a street sign to the Exotic Chemistry Conferences in Hajdúszoboszló, 1989.

Break at the conference

Photo of Irving Epstein, Patrick DeKepper, Miklós Orbán, György Bazsa, and Endre Kőrös at the conference site in Hajdúszoboszló, 1989.

Trip to Debrecen (1989)

This is a photo Reuben Simoyi, Anatol Zhabotinsky, Endre Kőrös, Miklós Orban, and Patrick de Kepper in Debrecen

Trip to Debrecen (1989)

1989_Hajduszoboszlo _ Irving EPSTEIN-Rubin SIMOYI-Anatol ZHABOTINSKY-E KOROS-Miklos ORBAN.jpg
Sreekanth Jonnalaganda, Irving Epstein, Reuben Simoyi, Anatol Zhabotinsky, E. Koros, and Miklos Orban in Debrecen.