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Linked below, there are five suggested activities for including some of the soures that are avaliable on this website:


Create your own World War I Monument

Brief Overview: This activity will have students apply their knowledge about World War I and the aftermath of World War I in the United States to create a monument and explanation for their monument in dedication of World War I


Writing your own Newspaper Article- Working Conditions

Brief Overview: This activity will have students examining the working conditions that were present during the Industrial Revolution. After having a good understanding of these conditions, students will read a newspaper article that describes the death of an engineer in Wayne County and use that as a model to write their own newspaper articles about working conditions accidents.


Comparing Historical Events- World War II and the French Revolution

Brief Overview: This activity has students reflect on their past historical knowledge and connect that with current material. After learning about World War II, students will use the knowledge set out to compare the French Revolution and Hitler’s rise and World War II.


The Explosion of the Steamboat Sultana- The Civil War

Brief Overview: This activity can be used to have secondary aged students discuss the outcome of The Civil War and the effects after the war. This activity is meant to used after the majority of instruction for the Civil War has been completed.


Writing Letters home- World War II Experience from the Home Front

Brief Overview: This activity will have students read local primary source material (letters written by soldiers) from World War II and respond to them through letter about the experience of someone living in the United States