Below you will find a list of resources for your utilization. These sources may provide with more information about Wayne County, Ohio or give a database for more possible primary sources.

The Wayne County Public Library

The Wayne County Public Library has set up a Wiki page which gives an overview of all of the information that they have been able to sift through so far. The Wiki page is being constantly updated with new material. In addition to the Wiki page, the WCPL also has many primary source documents avaliable through their geneology department at the Wooster Branch.


Ohio Memory Project

This online database of sources has thousands of sources over a variety of topics, all of which have been organized by topic, format, and creator. The digital history project is a great resource for those wishing to look beyond the sources that are avaliable on this site. 


The College of Wooster Special Collections

The College of Wooster's Special Collections has many different collections, many of which relate to Wayne County. Many of their collections deal with histories of the College of Wooster, a great resource for those interested in collegiant history and sources. In addition, they have multiple items and collections that focus more on the city of Wooster and Wayne County more generally. The College of Wooster's library also offers a multitude of histories and backgrounds about the city of Wooster, Wayne County, and Ohio as a whole.


The Wooster Book Company

The Wooster Book Company offers a variety of local books, many of which were written by local Wayne County, Ohio residents. These books offer great both secondary and primary source material about Wayne County.


The Wayne County Historical Society

The Wayne County Historical Society offers multiple exhibits and resources for those looking to dive deeper into Wayne County history. The historical society offers tours of the many buildings and displays that they have, as well as resources for those that wish to pursue their interests of certain topics on a deeper level.


Wooster Digital History Project

The Wooster Digital History Project is a website for users to explore the city of Wooster's impact on many different events that have happened in history. In addition, the website offers digital tours of parts of Wooster, as well as a city map for with historical hotspots highlighted.


Ohio Department of Education- Social Studies

The Ohio Department of Education's website offers content statements for each grade level of Primary and secondary school. In addition, the Ohio Department of Education has expanded on every content statment to include objectives, themese, recommended lessons, and other resources for teaching social studies in Ohio.