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Hello, My name is Katie Walker and I am a current Senior at The College of Wooster, in Wooster, Ohio. I am a History major and Education Minor. Stemming from my passion for working with high school aged students in social studies classrooms, I have created this website as a portion of my Senior Independent Study at The College of Wooster. My Independent Study looks at possible integration of local history into secondary classrooms and the benefits of doing such. I feel that students understand concepts in history when they can connect with that history on a more personal level. A major portion of my Independent Study is the creation of this website, a digital history project that offers teachers in Wayne County, Ohio the resources to begin to integrate local history into their classrooms. Please use this resource to become more aquatinted with Wayne County, Ohio history and all of the wonderful history that is out there for integration into a secondary education classroom. With questions and comments, please contact Katie Walker at kawalker2017@gmail.com.