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About the Project

"WGSS at Wooster: Past, Present, and Future” is a website dedicated to charting the history of the Women’s, Gender and Sexuality Studies (WGSS) Program at the College of Wooster. The site acts as an online archive of historical information—including institutional documentation, newspaper articles, historical photographs, oral histories, faculty research, and student work that represent the Program’s past and present. This archive provides an important opportunity to document the historical presence of Women’s Studies/WGSS at Wooster, as well as related changes to the culture and campus climate.

Launched in 2018 in honor of the WGSS Program’s 40th Anniversary (1978-2018), the site has been student-driven with the mentorship of Digital Curation Librarian Catie (Newton) Heil and WGSS Professor Dr. Christa Craven. The digital timeline and initial archival research was completed by Marina Dias Lucena Adams (WGSS-History ’18) and Matthew Harris-Ridker (WGSS ’19) contributed the first oral histories with current and emeritus faculty, alums, and current students about LGBTQ+ scholarship and activism in the WGSS Program. In Fall 2018, students in Craven’s WGSS Senior Seminar: Feminist Pedagogy in Practice will add interviews with participants in the “Feminist and Queer Pedagogies Faculty Workshop,” co-organized by Christa Craven and WGSS Chair Ahmet Atay. Future projects and classes are being planned that will allow students to contribute additional content, conduct original research, and create exhibits and presentations based upon the collection.

This archive was created as a community space for those who are or have been associated with WGSS at Wooster, as well as those interested in the history of Women’s, Gender, Sexuality, Feminist, and Queer Studies scholarship and education more broadly. As you explore this website, an ever-expanding archive, we hope that you will see reflected our rich history, our thriving present, and our commitment to the feminist principle of creating a better world for all.

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