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This photo was taken at the Millennium Invitational Martial Arts Tournament, where I won first place.

family unit_photo.png
Here is a picture of my father (right), younger brother, Khalil (below), myself(left middle) and my mother (left). This was at the end of a victorious day at a local karate tournament.

Sensei Sam Miller (right) and my father (left) are in this photo.
As mentioned in my Positionality section of my IS, they grew up together and it was their rekindled friendship which started my participation in martial arts.

Sensei and Sabumnim.png
This photo was taken after successfully passing our yellow belt exam. Sensei Sam Miller(right), my younger brother, Khalil (right middle), myself (middle), a former teammate (right middle), and Sabumnim Judith Dunn (right) are captured in this photo…

I (left) am pictured with my longtime karate instructor, Sensei Sam Miller (middle), and brother, Khalil (right). This was taken after Khalil's Black belt exam. This photo can be compared to the previous photo of my brother and I with Sabumnim Judith…

Sensei Sam Miller (far right) is pictured with his first two students which includes me (middle right), and my brother (middle). My father (middle left) and a longtime teammate (left) are also pictured. This was taken after my brother's Black belt…

This photo was taken after my brother's(right) Black belt test.
Also pictured in the photo is my father (middle) and me (left).

From White Belt to Black Belt.png
The beginning days... this photo was taken during my yellow belt test at 12 years old. I was tested on skills necessary for advancement from white belt to yellow belt. After several years of hard work and multiple tests, I am now a skilled fighter in…
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