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Creston Mill Pic.jpeg
This image of the Creston Mill depicts not only Wayne County’s commitment to agriculture and farming, but also their commitment to the fast changing industrial world that was every present during the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. Creston, a…

Ohio Salt Pic.jpeg
This image of the Ohio Salt Company in the first part of the 1930s, adds not only to the plethora of industry and other businesses that were present in Wayne County during the early portion of the twentieth century, but also shows the magnitude that…

Wooster Brush Pic.jpeg
This image from 1910 of the Wooster Brush Company, founded in 1851 by Adam Foss, shows the new building that was built in 1909, which is still the Wooster Brush Company’s headquarters today. The Wooster Brush Company originally was a door-to-door…
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