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This cartoon depicts two men standing and talking and one responds to the other mocking his thin legs by saying, "My dear fellow, we can't all be cart-horses. Usefulness isn't everything, you know; and there must be a few thoroughbreds here and there…

This cartoon from Punch Magazine depicts a group of upper class men all shooting the same bird. the caption reads, "Lord B-c -nsf-ld (jubilant). 'We don't often get such a chance on our moor. Why we've blown him all to bits between us!'" This image…

Andrews - 1906 - Miss WINSTON'S WEDDING-DAY..pdf
This story from The Strand Magazine is about a young woman, Sybil Winston, is about to be married to a man she thinks does not love her, Lord Peterborough, and she decides to flee from him. Sybil learns more about man she is engaged to and another…
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