It Can Happen Here: the Rise & Fall of the German American Bund & the 1930s American Nazi Movement and its Interpretations in Modern Media: Prevalence of the German American Bund in the United States


​​​​​​​I would like to acknowledge my German professors at The College of Wooster, Dr. Beth Muellner and Dr. Mareike Herrmann, for their assistance in my growth as within German Studies as a researcher and student. I would also like to acknowledge all of my mentors who have motivated and supported me throughout my years at Wooster: my Wooster Activities Crew advisor, Sarah Toby; my flute professor, Kimberly Zaleski; my band directors, Dr. Nancy Ditmer and Dr. Joel Graham; and my Sophomore Research Assistant Advisor Dr. Sarah Sobeck. You have all shaped me into the academic and person that I am today.
I would also like to acknowledge all the students that have given in me a home at Wooster, specifically my Kappa Epsilon Zeta siblings, all of the Wooster Activities Crew members and new board, Woo91’s executive board and DJs, the Scot Band, and the Wooster Flute Studio. Specifically, I would like to acknowledge my little Saralee Renick, my big Abby Donohue, and my grandbig Eva Stebel for their unwavering support, Cristal (Yi) Wu, for her kind words and for celebrating our accomplishments together, and my best friends Anna Halgash, Emma Reiner, Lilly Woerner, Sophia Pellar, and Meghan Sayre for being my greatest support group and cheerleaders during my time here. Thank you for all of the memories within these past four years.