The Valparaiso Echo, Wednesday August 31, 1853

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The Valparaiso Echo, Wednesday August 31, 1853


Gunpowder; Gold; Gaslight fixtures; Tariff--Mexico; Railroads




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This newspaper is the oldest in the collection. The words "Steamers' Edition" appear in the upper left corner. The issue is 4 pages long. Some article titles include, "Coast Intelligence" and "Home Review."


Valparaíso latitude S 33° 2' 21'' longitude W 71° 37' 38''
Buenos Ayres latitude N 10° 6' 14'' longitude W 61° 41' 3''
San Francisco latitude N 37° 46' 29'' longitude W 122° 25' 9''
Melbourne latitude S 37° 48' 50'' longitude E 144° 57' 47''
Argentina latitude S 34° 0' 0'' longitude W 64° 0' 0''
Peru Latitude S 10° 0' 0'' Longitude W 75° 15' 0''
Bolivia Latitude S 17° 0' 0'' Longitude W 65° 0' 0''

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PRICE 25 c.


WcpNE5Div, AIGVST 31ST, 18.53.

We liastcn to rcdoera our p1cdge given in t.cadvrrtisemenl which lias appcarcd for.wuc liAN in llic colamnscf thc Ularia, hy pa^ i lshing this OUR Piuor sirnirn. fondly liopmg u owv bo thr prccursnr of 111any a saceeeding nnp.f rwhi, h cnd wc Irihl mosl coa&dingly m tlie kiml sopport of tho forcign uivrcantilc J . jmtnunily of our ctly. j

Wc are advcrsc In ponunns prnspectns^s J .mil ne Ihink littlc of grandiloqacnl promites i 1L1I loo oflen cnd ia nolhiug nnd provc nnughl?1 tlll il ts n rnstom, nnd wc lliink n g.10d onc. I lo s iv Komclh nj on n pancra Grst appeamnre. j rkwi its obiecls nnd tlic pnl it intcnds to I fulCll. i

As our lillc implics. wc nrc mcrcly nn erho ^och wc profcss lo be^an r.7io of thctran. M lioiK of onr forcign mrrchnnis, in so fnr 34 lliev arc puhhcnn wAo of alJ nrdlcr.. thal nwy inirrol tliera or thcir fricnds and connec. IKIUS abroad an c ho of thcir wnntsan.l wisln J o, wliidi wc slmll cvcr advacnto w.lh zoal ..nd sptiil and wilh as inuch nbililv as our fyro l pra will atlow^stnl all ihw would stand for 1 mh ng. Wcre tlic crfto falsej nn rriw must lus a tnir and failhful onc, cko fwcro bc.ler it M crc dnwh.

ibnrcrcly nnhucseen and un^ l msrd chrcamsianres ^liouid b.iv jwcmaiurvly cndedthr ttist nco of our hw worlliv prcdc.. n^sorlbc .VtrrantH Vrpjrtpf, thal daring tlic qiacc of f.rnr yetrs abljr stn ainrd tla plaic in Ihe caf woihl. un wcrc induiod lo rfop. matidaoinre its plncc. mainly from the caa. virtion tlia1 n foreign uewiqKqicr M llu? 0rg4o of forcign mmmcrcc. is nn rsscnlnl Want in Vnln rnIMO. Whcn w c ccnsid T tbat our port 1. llie clicf romnirrrial mait of tho Sontlf Amcriran Paeifie roast, and Iba^ its commerce U piimiptliy for.tgn. sh.mhl thnt eoiniucrro bc in nnrd of n ptildirnlion lliat gltould tell of isdoings and whorcnbouta to ronnlrics that 1k1 n t tpcnk la lcngxa dt Castilla? Wbcn ngnin np roOMilpr, ibat, owtng lo onr libcral inst^ tutinns and IO lbc nnceasiug cPoils of n wise and bcncficenl Gov crnnicnt and nn enlightrncd Legixlalnre, our conntrv, wc tnav say without prcsnmption, stands forth in n nmst prmtiinent statinn nranng^i llic Smth Amcrican StnlOn, n briglit cxamplc of cirilUalion, indutfry and nrdcr, aboidd tlint ronntn nnd Ihe forcign ciniT.eicc from wbich in a dogroe it drrivcs i4a prwncrily. bo doprivod of n mc^ sci.gcr Ihnl sboidd mnko Lnoun tlds CIMIUU^ linfl. iudustry and order to otbor lands, in a 1 Inngungc tbal lltev underfttand.1

It H a trila Mjing, tbal rommorcc ia lbc chain tlut bindf cntions togotlicr nnd thnt lbc j prc?s is onc of llic links of thnt chainz can not j llic t rAon.ipire to bc a link of tbat chain Un.b 1r1g Chdc lo Ihe otbor por ions of thc globr? ft mav be 5aid thnt llic papero in our own n.^ livc lcnguc, perform lliat ofiicci but unlinp^ pily nn event loA plucc, ngcs ago, called tke cwfuiiou of to itjun al Dabel, wbcncc ariscs tliat lbc laogurtic of Dou Quij dc is nol tbo unk vcraal onc, nnd as t.ho m.ijori,y of our momn. lile connprtions ia wilb nntions tbal cilbcr uso j nr understand llic Englisli tnnguagc. wc adduco 1 thcrrfroni a fui thcr arguinent in fjvour of ihe Ertto.

1t is almow4 nerdless to stnU thnt contidcring our neriodical, Mrictly as a mercantilo pnpor J we hnvc jf conrse nolbing lo do wiih poltiicsx slfll vc shall nocefcSnrily bnve to notc all polto ticai cvents tbat may take plac? in the COQB. Iry. bot limiting ourackct uieroly lo record such cvents and thcir bcarin2s on coinmcrcial ioterosU4 nvoidinp ftverythicg tbat tuigbl bc posdbly conslttied nsin any way apnroacliing partv sjnr4 or fecling, sucb a proceoding being calircly foreiffu lo thc purjxiscn of the ErAo. XolwithMnnding tlds saving clausc, we an^ fjueMionnbly reserro to oorsclves the right of Jredy diftcussing all laws and cnactmenl9 Lhal tnav Ixt pr0mui4atcd touching mercantilc in^ lcreaU, conunciilmg tbcroo^ aa to thcir ad^ crsc or fnvaura14c iuflucnce on Coranierco?1 elw? wo S4 ubl nol bc its erLo.

Tlm lurknejed disclaimrrs of lalcnt, capa^r city Ac. Wo uticrly cscbcwj wc tbiok thcrc , cannct tio grcatcr naasonsc than thc usual j romnionplacolnirnductortc^, pbmscdgoncrnlly i nj follow^ wTbough tniHrnshng onr capabiL^l lins for lbc t KR WC IMVO undcitakcn &c. &c a , If iiol confulent of tlm posftcssicra nf abililica j equal ti llp task, wby undc.lakc it? if conskf sous of p^ssossing ibctn, arc nol nacli diachi^ j tncrf a Indicroas alTcctalion? Boiidos, aLer all, J tlic p.iper itsolf w ill sbnw whetbcr uehavej nusralcubtc 1 our povrcm. nnd w helhor. tbink I ing onrschos n giaot, we lum out n dwarf. j W 0 clow our iitiroduct iry wiih llic wncorol bnjic tbal ib s and our snrxccling nutnhersl mav bo found lo cirry out thc pnrjioM^ prujxv acd in llie advcrlKomeot rofcrro4 toin our firsl i liucs, nnd ibal our forcign ntcrrantilc co.nmu^ nity uaii9fy tbenKolvi^ tbal Ihoj Ziaw ON PC 10.

Tlic niail ^ranipr flnoiffi arrivcd ,m llf i8ili inst., as nuud. hringing liG pifscigcm nnd 1 2P.0iKl doJaro in spccic. AVe nubjoin nn Imcl of wltai we bavo found rnost worihy of int rcst in

Cemt BatelSIgrorc.
NEWGUANADA.^Tbo last adricen froJ lli.V quartcr nivc n d.dcful acc unt of lbc slato of tba. rcp dilir which has hitli Tto nppearwl as thn luost Idicrnlly govtm d of thc SOUIIH Amorican Stnlrs. Slmugc to aay, ihia vcry H. hcr.disin proics lbc bane of tlf Ncw^Grana^ di .n Suie. Tlic prcaen1. G ivcrnnicnt puUH ed into pnwcr br lbc pupubr iwily. aud H iW J.moc atir do x rulo cvenbodj nnd cvc. rvlhing, Prcwidoat. tZongrou nn I thc wbolo coantry. LUAA, uovernrucnt decrcw, pu dic wdcr nnd cvcn lbc livcs of l ituens nnd thontirs tbjicn.l on thc Hal of thc f.lubs.

N diody rcvirwing llio ncts of the Obando nduiiu^rnlioa cnn nccu9a it nf dcspnttaini fnr from iti wr nvgtil ratber stdc it loo ldw?r.d, injudiciouftly lib. nnd yct ihe fMpu^ar clubt lutvo revolled, haio pniulrd# lliejr daggcrn ngninst llie reprcn ntntive? of llio pcoplc, and lbc ulira^iibrra1 govcrnment I11s sccn ilsclf in llie blcrn nocossity of using 4r1nod forcc to prcsTve the pnaco and order of tlic co intry j invtohUc.

Cliilc, undcf thc anspircn of n w ine and lb1 hernl ,lmt n.ii f dishly lilierali glVcrnmcnt, j oHcrs ibc plc t91n.c n ghl of a couutry, wlinse j tdcady progrc^.s in c 1m111erce, industrv nnd ciH bsalion, bids f.tir lo r .al thc 1n01c lavourcd p rtinnsi of tli? globn. Nat tnn ycars liavc ps^1 acd oinco onr countrv wns unhnppily convith ncd by rcvolutionarv innvemca s Ihroughout ils buiglh and brc.vllii, lo an cxtcnt un^uqus^ wsl in the nnmls of riril slrife of anv, 4clnt lbc present m.nnr..t uot n vestigo is lcfl of nd tliis trouble and tnruioilTlie gnv. crnincnt nnd tbo lcgialnttire arn inlenl tncrc^y on thc wnys and nt nns of augnicnling our n.w lioual graudcur bv issucing laws and dccreca fnvoui iug everv braticli of nnlional dcvclojK^ nicntab.olutc I bci ty swnys thc prc s, the bur, llic forum and thc dontcstic hcnt lii. Sucli is thc incvitjblc rcsull of llic Iriuniplt of order and emmitulioual institutionsotcr seililion ..nd anarchy Wlial a contrast lo li eral Ncw Granndal^Uow tben can wo pouibly accounl for tlic frenxicd attacks of llio Neu^Grnu.idmn press levellcd againsl Chile nnd its govern 1112nt? Tiiat prcss invcighs with llie mnsi bilter snirll againsl Chdc. its institutions, and cveryo thing wc hold dea?. Thcy pniul IP in a stale of dcprcssion. Innguishing and groaningunder tbo iron hccl of dcApoiifmllow dtfTcrcnl tlm Irno colours of Ihe pictnrc we have drnwn itiough not so grapliir.ihy as wn could wishl

VENEZUbXA.Wo liave notliing new lo ofler to our rcadcrs concerning thal countrv, as our last dalcs wero to hand nrcvious to tlie arrivrd of thc tasl stcarncr, and consoqucnlly are in jYOSO^sion of tlm public long ago.

ECLADOR.lutotligcacc from thal quartcr by the last niail, ia vcry meagrc, aninentmg lo notlnog. Thal 6cction appears lo bo lapftUy reorgaoistug itsclf aud rccovcring fum lh direfu? effccts of tlie fato distorbaueos and llic Fiurta campaicii.

PERU. Tbo lasl pcruvian pipcrs Ircni witha subject of inuch int.Tcsl In llic eonst Imde^nol from lbc impjrianco oPlhc cvcnl in il9tdfi Iriit froia llic probnblc rQects il roay bavti en lbc inlernal pcace nf llie euunlrywe alliidc 11 thc Unnrisounicnl in Lima, ol Ibn Dom ngo Eiiai, a lor.ccr canduUlc for the pn^ s d.mcy, orlual rounc i lor of State and onc of tlic inosd influctVinl uicn injPcru. Thc priuiary cause bas been a letter addrcs^ ed lo lbc prvsident Gcncral thdiefiiijii?, in vcry stmitg leinu, e&pa^ng lbc vr?ers view of ibe eon olidalion of thc houic dehl and otber rinanrial npcratinns of lliat gavomment. The. uhleatTur hrs been considered tbcre ns of so tuucli weiglV. tbal tlic chauilterit bcld a scs. si.ui witli eloscd iloors, tbo nrosidcnl and mi^ nklers hring pr ^sen^ the ducussion b is nol tr.inspxcd. but lbc resull has bccn llieaulho^ ri2al10n of coofinerneo. and gbing llie E&oculive full powetsfor pres Tving llie p.?acc and order of llie eounlry.

BOLIVIA.Tbj rlole of tbat unliappy rountry continurs niosl deplorablc. The war qneslion witli Poru l.iaguhdies Pcru lintits ils npuralions io n stricl bloekadc of the enluc frontier and thc niilitary oeeupnlion ol Cohija ^Ibdzu, I11tnporcd by conhnual oulhrcaks ngninst bis lyranny, is still at Oruro, and li1ul9 biirsclf obliged lo inarrli bis troops in stnall idivkiiins lo tlic V irious disatTcelod towos and dte^ricU and s rntirvly prcclu.led from eora^ l roooring bustilitics againsl Pcru and rcsisting l thc thniling up of bis fromiers and s ditary 1 port.

1 Socrc and fbn^iAtbamb 1 havc revoltcd, nnd die 1 proviace of Pcleeuitco on llie pemvian fronli r 4iaving declared itMjlf ag insl its cyranl. wns i crcupied by .1 b.nly of troops bended by Golo. I nel Juan JOM1 Perez, iiiindcal lo ltelxu. i The iiHenhelnin ltclwccn llie 1wo countries j bnseomplrtely luu.dyscd eoiumcrcc.Iransac. i lion.w are cmirdy pu1 n slop loevery thing ia Wanlcd and notbing is to bc liad.

j 1IOZIBC Zlevlrw. i
J Wiihont anUbing of inoturnl lo commnni^ eale from our northern provinces of Alacama innd Coqniudm. v o havc mcrch lo sav lliat tlic Jminrs cooiinue ia lli? sanv s?c.idy iucrcAaC, adding dady lo the wenlth of tbn eounlry.

1 lie f.dhiwing arc amongsl llic niosl nolablc evc^s tbat we havc lo rceord nineo the 1MJ^ g1anttr4 of tliis monlh.

Onc of the most impTtnnt events thal havo , tabm pla T durir.g this monlh. has nndoudtcih , ly bccn the nrivi1rge aasigncd by Govem^j J mnnl to Mr. Emest Znrhn&son for thc est.^w hlish nont of a lino of Caloric S^am vcsseU on the Ericvson prineiptc along the comt of , ChileJie principnl cundilions of Ihe grant inre ns foPous^Thc privilexe is for cighl ,I ychis^Iu li .c niouthsa linie idans nnd dclniU i of the tnachinery luusl hc prcseiilcd for ins^ , perlion.

Within cight manths Mr. Zachidsson must 1 givc full prouf tbat onc of the propo^cd stiips jbrincoursc of building and tbat thcrc arc l i fnmls in hand for placing sumc in cpentton. i Within twcnly laur monlhs the contractor , i must place on lbc coast of Chile n vesscl of not 1. less than 530 tons nnd a vclocily not undcr J8knols p. Ii3ur. nn l wlliin a twelvemonth 1J more, anolhcr vcssel of llic sarao desrription. . iThc priv.lege lo be void if any of 0 e aforesaid Jcanddious arc nol futfilled wiihin the pcriods 1 istntcd.

This privtlogo will nol hindcr othcr vesscls 1, on the sanic caloric principlo for coining to ir4idcan porh, nor prvvcnt them frara lrading 1 j in thc sanio manner thal all fcrcign vcsscls are , 1 pcrmitod lo.

ij Mr Zachrisson must mainUin a nionllily rjline in opcration during llie privilrgod lenn.

We Ihink it ncedless to expnUnle nn the r imwcuse h09efu 1hi. new line w.ll eonfer on j nvr eonst tradc, considenng thc grcat r saving in thu cost of working vosseU impellod 1 nu tlic Enc s&n Syslom, will girc Riargia lo conxuUr.iblc redoctians in fre^ghU all teoding to favour coiuint rcial inlcmU.

Tlic folhw ing projcct of law was prescnleil J on 81h inst. to thc Chambcn by Goveri.roent, for the purp wo of carrymg oul prioi enac^ menia tauding to tbc r me nhject, nod for lorther fuvoring tlic induilry of the Countrv. w hirli aflcr a long prejmble MVSI 0T0 furthor llr.s idea, wilh th ? concurrence of thc Cuunc.l of Stale, l hercby propojc to . jou, the followitig


Kreo export.uion of onc quintal of copper wilh bc alluwc.l for evcdi ton of nalivo conl, cmp^ yed in rcdacinn llic nre to liar copper. oilher alonc or cuiubLcd w itli othcr combuNlibtes. J

Sanliago, 8tli August 1853.

Miworr. If. Wa4 injton.

I In farlhcr illustration of tbe Lberal spirit .witli uhicli GovernmeDl viewa cofnraerce. I and tlic ness th y arc disposcd to show i Uwards facilitnting trudc, we suldoiti a suprc^ ime, dcvFrc concerning vcssels ihut may lay undcr sm1s for dcfraudiitiun of C^atoms, and 1 wbich it as follcws j

l Art. 1st.Ycsscls snliject lo snits before j tbe board for eontravculions of C. II. Uws. i should IKI lcfl at lihcrty, ahvoys thal thc ow^ J ncrs or othcr partu s in^rcMpd dcmaud il. giving prcviously a bsil of suit and judge. ment.

?ud.This bsil must bn lo the full l faclion on thc Itcod of liid G. 11. who may l inlcrvcnc in lbc suit, wilh lbc approbstion of thc 1ntcndsnt of the provioeo. and to the full i voluc of hull. spars, ngging &c., ia case llio i Mrhoic nhould bc eondemncd.

3ud.o.To anivc at a knowledgc of the Lull. 1 vpnrs, dc., thov must bc nppruIScd by a G. II. ofticcr named for tbat purpnse by tbe IOCIOIS of tbo Cuntoms. conjointly wilh a 1 per?un aamnl by tlic owner or consiguec of , l the vesscl, hoth parties interestod nanimg a l th rd nppraiser in case of a diffcreuce of opi^ 1 n.on.

I 4lh.The parly standing luiil. will in this case bc the Icgilinnte reprcsenlalive for llw prosecndou of thc suit up to the c&ccution of jiidgcmeni. in wanl of anothcr party Icg.iUy constitnJ.

MU5TT. Jinefth W. Waddiagton.

Thc Minisler of Marine has prcsented tbo nnnuul tu the Ixpgislature, selling forth the laltours of thal govcriimcnt deparl^ nienl dunug llie preccdmg tiscal ycar. This djcumcnt ihougb dctailing thc praiseworthy efiorls of llie dcpi rtnient, still we regrei to friy tbat it dnes not rccord any imnrov^menl in our navj, 11 .Iwillvtianding tbat Ihis is such an impoi lanl ohjcct in a rountry like ours. sa csscnl ally marilinie^^at thc samu lirae lliat palpahlo 1mproven1cnts are lo bo uotcd 11t cvcry o.hcr hrancli of thc adminislration. tbo uavy languishct in tlic sanic slnte of declina tbat il has done fcr thc last twenty years. and is on a considerably mmor footing than it 1 wns during our struggle for inJependerce in , thc Grst quartcr of the ccnlury.

Thc merchant nary ts still wanting its own l laws. nor arc llic provincrs of tls aulhorilioa i Inid down^our war nuiinc docs not in any 1 way cnrrespnnd lo our commertc, no llier to . the exlent of our roast nor to pecnliar geogra^ I pliical posilion in thc Atncrican Conliueol. 1

l We uo?c witli p1casnre n bill laid before Gongress by tbe Execolivo. for rcducing the i dctics cn sdlk goods ol erory dcscnption. fiom i twcnly five to flflecn p. ccnt. Tbe prcamhlo i lo the bill is ful, of 111dicious rcrnarks and Sslandsupon thc ground of tho notorious atK vanlagc of lour cvcr high duties, both to Irada and to llic rovcnuc.

Anothcr enactnmnt allows forcign vcssels to carry gunjmwder and uther malerials for jexplodtng nted in mining. over and abovrf j othcr articlcs thcy nre pcnuitted lo trade I wilh bvtwccn the ports ol thc Rcpublic,


I Mexsrs. Baring Bros. 4 Gu. agcnl4or Ihe l Angb^Cliilcao luan, advise onr govcmmcnl i thal oo tho 24llt of Junc lasl, ihcy had re. j ccivrd from the Pcrovisn Minisler in Luitdun, ? thc sum of liro miHumt nf 4Mirt. on accvunl J of thc four nulliotis whicli wcrc rccognucd os thc Pcruvian dcbt to Chile hy the trcaty niade with ihc Pcruvian govcrnmcnl bv our minisler plenqtfdeuliary Dou Diego 4usc dc Hcnavrale. Asthis sumiilo be devotcd lo llie rarrying oul thc Ya1paraiso aud Santiaxo railwav, we hail with dclighl the announccuicnt of tlut pay. mcnt, as an addilionul guarantcc lliat thc raib j way will be decidcdly ronrludcd. ihe wuikt, of which are in a vcry advanccd sUic consw1 dering ibe lunc sincc ihcsc were bcgun. j

Our Callforala trade.
The Son FranciK0 fferalJ of tlic 4lh July j la4. takcs Uic upiiunuuiiy of thc nanonai j aDQiversary to tnakc a gcneral rclrospevl uf J Cdtfornian cvents daring llic prcceding ycar i r nd under thc topic elradea wc tiud liic Ivilo j wing gratifying rcmatk oa the inlcrcourse ? belw ecn thal connlry and Chile. I

bOur cuuimerce w ilh Chdc ts ncxt sn cxtcnl J toiliel wilh thc Aitaoiic Amcrican j#vrls.

Ihning tl.e Grst ^x monlhs of tlie present1 ycar, the aggrcgatc of otrivals aod clcarancca of vessels cngagml in tradc belwi cn Caliluruta . and Cliilo was l52, wilh a tonnagc of A7.879 a .

From ibo sarnc iulcrcsting papcr Wc lake 1 the aubjnined atlicle, wlnclt epcaks forcihly of i thc cxtcnl tradc is assuming IU thc Paciftc i gcaeraliy and on the coast ol Chile in paiti^ volar. i

Freaeh Cllppcra for the Paelflc. ,
aFraoce is masing cxtrjordmary cxerhons 1 to iocreasc hcr naltonal and uicrcanlde maritic, j so as lo compcto witli her greal ntalf lor a f sliare al leasl of ihc coimncrcc of ihe globc. l She is dvtcrniined nol lo yield lbc suprcm4ry j of tho teas w ilhonl a struggle. Louis N4jmlcjn e has cxixjnded iumieusc sunis in Glting uiit Hects of slcatn Ingatcs, and in tliis ann of1 wrarfarc France is now sccond only to Greal Mritain. Evcry indnccmcnl nnd facihly artr olFercd by Guvcrr.uicul lo pr.valc cnlcrptise. llcncc innch alleuiion a lieing paid to thc i constnirtion of sliips of Iargc suc and nnpn^ l ved modd. A wlioic fl.^ei of clippcrs is about tu hc huilt. to cngage in the tradc betwceu France nnd tlie Pac.Gc. The Journal, of Havre, in conncctiou wilh tliis snhjert, describes tho i lauoch of thc clippcr Escnlduna Him thc ship i vard of M. LcfouUm, naval arcliilcct al Hon^ J ilcur. Thc on was cttcclcd w ith eiitire J WICCCM, and the Esca^una wns towcd by llw i Curricr into the ducks to Mkc in her lowrr j masts, prcpantury to procecding lo ihvre., Thc new clipper France^l^Cbile was tccctr^ ly mel al aca, otf llic Hoe, guing al llie r^.e 1 ol len and a4ialf lo cievcn knols, undcr ieas than full sail. Tlic regular line which lias bccn organizcd in France tn run to Valpara3toacd . Luna, will he coinrx7scd of fonrlccn clippcrs,1 tMUjcd as fotlowsi rrance^uCliilc, Francv^et Peron, Panlisla, Mincro, Pclropolts, Carioca, Bolalugo. Himndc2e, Fclucc, Fran^ois Pn^ rwicr. Itlionc Rliin, Corsarrc and Eclair. Tlic shtn Charlrs llie Greal, which reccnlly arrivcd at ilavre wilh thu largest cargo of cotion evcr carricd hy a singlo vcsscl, took back cighl bundred eiuigranls. In addilion lo tlicsc, two maguiGcani clippcrs arc to bc immcdialely ual on ihc stocks ul Granville hy llio Brntheni Duraud. An Ecghsli cutniiany lias ordcrcd ttiese vcoscls, onc of which will ..ot mcasure lcss than llnrlccn bundred tons. 1t is said this is not to he the only case of thc kind, and thal the Knglish preiKisc to incrcasc thcir budding in Frcncli sbipyanb.s

Mfew UrwlcMn Tarlff.
Wc noticc in Ihc Cr ttica tlc .Yurra FurJk, a ncw UnfT and Custonis ll gulations issucd by tlic Mexican Govcrnmcnt undcr thc PrcsiJcncj of Gcneral Saola^Ana.

This ncw decrce does nol improve at all upon tlie old Mcxican Gscal reguhitiona, noto^ riondly tlic oiQht rcstriclive in Souih^Amtrica this nrw larilT cnunieratcs a vast quantily of artidcs ihal are proluhilcd in ollicr articles are saddlcd wilh liiuh dulies wirh aroounl to piohibiiion^printcd bookt. wlw^ thcr forschool, rehgions or othcr purposcs, are to pay a duty of six dollars jicr quintah pl is thc Gr4tf li111e we hate hcard of learniug and rcligion cstimaied hy quioUlsjrnedicinal d.ngs chciuical iiroduclwos isrdio medicine and llie artt, and all instrnmcub,. tesscU and apparali uscd in phanuacy and tncdicinc, pav k0 p. ccnt on intowi price. Thc porU opencd to lorcigu coinnierce, arc the follow.ngj in llis Guljdt cf Mexico, SISJI, CaoqYCche, San Jaun B^nirta de Tabasco, Yeracrox, Tamnico de Tatnaolquis and Matamoros^on thc PaciGc, l Acapolco, Manxani3o, San Blaf and .Maratkn j in ihe Gulph of California, Guaymaa. A oc^ 1 table fcjiurc in llhs cnactir.rnt. is a dause , w hxh prohihils all vc.scla, whclher forcign or i Mcxican, lo load al forcign porls for A Mcxican onc and any othcr onc at tlm name luiiej ih s iof ilsolf would condcnin as ahsoidly rcstri^ tive, the most libcral tariff in the urorld.

Thc varioos clnnsrs concrruing nianifcsling and in^nicing govds, nrc vcx4lious in the cx^ trcmc, involving niany n lahyrinlh of docu^ tncnK nnd n leng^hy and tedious routine.

lleavy Gncs arc lo bc exacted fnr llic most trilhng coitiniiisinn or omi^sinn of any of llic i i.onicrouft iienis of lliesn r. gulstions, and nunw 1 hcrl MA cafcrs nrc laid down which inwlvo the i sctzure of ship nnd c irgo.

I Tnnncc dncs arc lo lm levicd al thc ratc of i iwclv0 rraZrf. ou all vcssds, evcn llm Mcxican. j Thoogn h is Iruc thal this ncw lwriflT cfTects soum abgbt rednrlhm? on the ald scalc of da. i lics, yct as w c 1mforc slatc. wo ronsidcr tl at . the enactnirnl now undcr t xamination, is nu i improirtncnt. wlialever on ihc Codcs. Wc slill find tho snnw rcsliic.iions nnd , prplnhiticns wliirh only scrvc lo hamper coitw nicrc?. whiihnut prnducing any concomitant j advanfeges eilhcr lo ihe noiivc trade or lo thc 1 revcnoe.

Wc are tlic nmrc nstontHhed nl lbc narrcw, illihcral spirit which breathea through llie wholr of thcsc rrsulatiuns, wlien we lake in virw thc advnnrcd sla?e of Mexiran ci^ilisa tiou, which shonld rcpUIliatc the cxpbxlcd system of fiwal rd4ricttons. lliwt only tcnd tu thc ccrlnin incn asc of sinugg.iug and thc dct^ Iructiuu of legiliniate trade.

From thc San Frjncimt W h a wc take llic follouing arlirlu wliirh we dunhl not will IHJ rcad wilh intcrest.

wll is now etght ycara sinre Sir John Fran^ klin. full of conlidenrc. heallfi and phyMral vignr, sa lcd from hin nali^c luud in quesl of Ihc long conleslcd Noilli^wcst Pas^age. Ho carricd wilh I1iu1 tlic earurst wisho of tlic u holc rivilixed worid, for the ronsumninlinn of th s pratid pmjoct, which Was al length losoSeonc of tlie grc4iest and mos impir^ lanl gcograpliical qucstions cvcr raiscd aiuong ibodero savans. Lke IJI Pcteucc, and oihcra less dUtinguishrd among 1hosc who Iwvc sa. criftccd Ihcmsehcs lc ihe causc of eriepcc, tlieir falc is lcfl lo conjrrtun^but with dilTi^ renrcj lliat in Ihc CAMC of La Pcromm thcrc aro trcrcs alcng ihe f thcn 1 retuole regions hc visiled, which warrant llio^r towing af^ tcr bi111. in thc AiipposilinQ tbat thc expcdb tioo rnmposcd of tlie flowcr and hrmcry of Fraorc, was destrnycd hy trcarhery or w rcck In lliat now^unxicr considernjon. we havc no cluc tu the fate of the nav goiors. U o only know Ihal llicy s.iilcd, hcating wilh thc 111 tlie blcsMngs uf half lbc hcarlh^stones of Eng^ land, aod^ ncvcr rclorned. Counling thc Amcriran cxpcdilions. tbrrc have 1meti dis^ J palched lliirlv vesseU in scarcn of thc Er?hnr l nnd Tcrror. Thcso tiavc bccn filtcd out, emi c i by tlie coinhitied w calth of powerfull cotnpa^ mcs. sonie tn tlie magnilicenl andcostly syllc of Eumpcan goternn utils, and olhcrs by thc f ocvcrfaihug luvc of tlic one fond licart w hicl j has, up to tlu last day, hornc iu m nd thr , image of her fai away , bul cvw^prcs nl companion. Lady Franklin has cxpcndcd liei cnlirc fortune in ihc searrh for hcr hutdmnd, nnd is yct pctitiuuing rencwcd cflorts Son Ihc pnrt of llic Englisli Govcrnmcnt, and slill chngitig to tbe fond liope tba1. cvrnlually J souie rluc may hc oblaiocd to tlic laic, 01 . iicrhapa liviug existonce of llic wanderers. various wciks, full of inlercsting jwirtkuhn of thc difTercnt vovagcs, havc appcarcd from timc to timc, all of lliciii shcddmg niorc 01 1 lcss liglit uinm llie prohablc falc of ihc Kliqks, i and nd of tlieni cluc daling farls before onk^ i now n, in rclation to the Arclic rcgiuns, Among thcsc arc^

Sarralivr of anri rxnrdlil in tn thcShnrcs of Ihc Atrllr Sea. In IMIO and T7. Uv Jobu Uac. Arnic S^arrlilug Expiddl..m Jourual of a Bual Voyage. hy mr John IlichaulMUi. Slray l.ravis fiu n au Atrllc Juuntal. By Lirul. 8. O hnru. Jmirnal or a Vnjage ln 1850, #5i. perfnrmrd br lbc Lady Kranklln aud Sophla. unilrr rumiiumd 4 JUr. Win. fniny. Ih P. G. mHltrrlnrtd, 51 B. Paprrt and Ifc^p.drhcs retahng lo Ihe Artilr ftearcuing Kxp^Ht01111 of iv5o, 11. al. Colho trd IK Jamrs 51angtcs. It. F. 8ecm4 Vnyaae ofdir Prinre Allmri. In Srareh of Slr Julin Franklln. B, Win Kmrx^b. Parllaiurutary Papcrs and UirChart ofDlscovo rles Iu thc Arrtc Sea. By Juhn Arruwsniltb.
Bcsidu the varions cntertaining reports and works publ shcd by American aulhors, uu tlic retura of thc Advanee cnd Rcscne. Each of thcsc expcdilions has bccn furnishcd wilh all tlm ncccssary apnliancos for Ihe prosecutioo of thc search by land, ice and walci. Millions Shavc bccn cxpcndcd in them, thonsands of j j pcrsons, ronih tiing lalent. 1carning, scicnli6c 1 j aiuinmcnts, braverv, skdl. and scanianlike^ 1 qaalilirs liavc bccn cmploved, and vast regions t of prcviously cxplorcd cuuntry liave bccn go^ ^neover, bul as yct ln no purpusc. Tlie bist I cxpcdition scnt lo thc Nurlli has Imcn hy the J V111lcd Stalcs. Thc cdcbralcd Dr. Knoc, who has, f.u thc tasl two ycara, bccn assidnonslr J agiialing thc Mibjecl ibrougli thc Easlcrn i iStalcs, lias nl lcnglh slarled, ahimsl alonc, on i 1 liitf prtdous jcumcy inlo ihc Pnlnr regions. Hc priqMws to 1rnvcf northward, ns far as llie i 11nrtl1crn exlrcnuty of Grecaland. where he^ j will take tlie nsua^ luclhud of comeyanu2 ? Esqtitmaux dcgs and irMlcdgrs, and pcnctra. j lc 10 llu cxlrcuie Arclic iraiuns, nnd prohiWy j farthci^norlh than thc fuol of mnn has cvcr. I before 1roiblco. Hc fevls strongely conlideni I in the stnccas of hts uudcrlnkiug. Hc hns 1 rnadc it thc stctly cf yearax he has v ewed il in 1 fevory possil4e hc lias rrnd cvcry wotk ? wriiten un llic euhjeri, cunsulled cvcry pcr^ J j son ronqietcnt lo gne any infor.tinUnn, and avniled lictnself of all thc modrrn iruiirovc^ j inenU sngges^ed hy llre rclumcd navigaturs Irum 1t1e Snrlbcrn Ocean. Vlwl may IM? tlie Mirress of Ibis singulailv heroic man. or j w liat degrce of snrresa may erow n bis cQorls, j who ran tell ? Is hc lo prrisli in lbc atlempt, jand, like llic bnvnted Pmk. leave only bis mcniory lo llic worid, or, ihrough hismcair, J shall our countrv allnin Ihe honor of disrlos^ jingtlic fatc of Sir John Fr.mkiin nnd is hra^ ve coiiiiiatnHto?Surely llie cordial w blies uf1 thc seieniinc aud vivilir^d worid will follow i lbc courae of Dr. Kaoc ou hia loncly jour J j nev.

i AuwtrwIlA
l We have 77ic Sydnnj Morning llrraU up tu the 12ib Jnly last hy the br.trti bmk rmardJ. wlirili urritrd at mir p irt ou the 20ih inrt. in in dnys liotti tlut jmrt. We regret to say tlut Ihe new rvcmed li ue at e uiiMiUtiarlory for tliis 111ark d.

Frcm llie WIIOICMIC price 1 u.nent, corre^ pi ixl iig lo llie W11k vuded Juiy 2nd wluch we tiud iu the Slutainy UrraU, we exltuct tti? follow.ngt

rTrade lias veen vcry languid during thc pint wevk and we can quole ktlle niterat.mii iu prices iargc holders bciitg iiiclined to h dd on mthcr than forcv ginnb 0.1 the nmket at tlie prociil low iigure, and hrnce tlirrv are vcry bw ir.tnsacl.6ns. It H tvuposrible at prt^ eont lo Inzard a pioctM? op ntoii uf thc slnte uf the niarkctt but when we nirntbni lliat nierc facl thaf 11 .ur aud rice are Iu inc rcs^ h PJUHI UfL011 011. we 11eed funibh iu fur^ IHT iluxtration ul llie 0nrcu1uucr it Ve uaturc uf our matkets at tlie pre^eut uiuiumt.

flAmericau fljur is almu t utualeable, and as tnurl. of it is ?.mr, lh?rv scetns uoalteriu^ t ve but resli pmenb to a uiaiket where aurh floiir ran he uiadc avaibhle. Thc acllutg prcc is varmnriy quotedj fiuro 13 . ptT harnl tn 20 wh.clits abiut llic besl price fcr guul, suuud. twcct, Amcrican Hoiir. CuSouial pru^ ducc remains firm al fnnner quolatimcs w.lh the exepUuu uf wlieat, w hcli lias lalxi,^ sume line, lampUw I1avi11g Rv11 xald lad week at B x. per hu hcl, a price scarcclt remunerative.

etirocvr.CA anJ provi^oiH generalh, iticlud^ ing bacou, hams, rhet^c, butler, pb kles, 4.a, bave not sufTeied inuch dcpreciat 011 tlie past wetka, Imt part eB cumplaui lliat 1hc^ rc is no drmjud fur th m.

?,w, beee aud purtvr nina.n ns qootcd last week. targe quantitica uf thcsc arttclrs were seld niuidtK a30, to arritc, aud thcn fctrlieil iargc prices, from 24 s. t J 2H S. per duzeit.

eWintcr clolhing, bbtukvl9, hosicry, aud booU uiul shocs uf all di^riptions, arc feeU itig llie sanic ilTcts as ollier articles. Fr.ccs nrc, perliaps, uu lower, but salcs camud be iffeclcd.

sBuildiug malerials are sli.l cumn.aitding h gh prices aud wc can note 110 alleiai.uit upon Mnin, fur tliey ntaii.Uin thc hghest poMtion iu llic market.

wHar.lwarc guuds are not to bri k in de^ matid. and have ralhcr falkn 111 pncetTlioe irlicies, luo. feehitg thc deprwu n as 111ucl1 is any uther.a


Tlie pricc of cold remains nt 77s., and llie panlity oflered lor aalc has bccn rcadiljr pu^ zhawd

Foliowing up the Grat qunrterlr dtatemcots, mding March last, of the aiuonnt of gold jrought by escorts to Mcdbournc and Geriong, 7ouiparcd with thalof 483?, anner.ed is thnt ur the scrond quartcr of tho year, .vhowiug ilso the icsult for ibe ycar, which is fa^oura^. 4u to far as it has goncz

1852. OM. April 61,172 Mnv 99.00G Junc 119.272 Mi3.l ms. f JTO ld I Iti.Kll Tutals . . . 279,430 Scrond quartcr lor 1832 . . . . 4D9.D^ 279,151 1ncrcaae on thc quarlcr fur 1833 . 13O.UI Incrcasc on llic yenr .... . 485051
It is to lte ob^erved thal thu high pricc JJ which goM Ims ruled of la^e herc has sliut ouJ tiic mitkeltof Sydney and Adrbidet heoce iil 111.1v IM iufcrrrd ih.U thc I4tal piodiiccol lli.d Yuioria gobl fidd finds iH way to Melboorovl and Geclnng. wilh llie exceplion of a fcw IhvUsand uunees occasianallv sent dircct frm J iho Ovmw 10 Hvdnay. Thal ihe prmlucc of mir publ ftetds is 1ieroniing eomcwhat atrady 1.1 thcir yield iscxempl fird in llio ainounl rcrci j ved weekh during thc p^st three nmntlis.

ExduMige cn 1xindan, drnfis agninxt go d laken at The hanks mhancc Imro 50s. u 6Us. pcr ounec. Freight of golu 1lelrvcr2d al thc Bullion Oflbe. Lmdun, 5 1^,td. pcrouucc. I murance, 2 1 , guineas per renl.


ftullion Brokcr.

Norlctj hlands.
By Ihc chiltan idnp e.ilrrcedca Montes.w j univcil I7lh iu^4 from thc^eislands, wc wcre j fnvoured wilh a filc of Ihe ^Messager dr Taln. ti,e wilh dMos up to lbc l9tlt of Joite, nn l wc liastcn lo furn^h onr rejulerA w ilh an rxlrart of whal we have roRMdcrctl moro worliiy of J nolc. as wc ihink sunc intcirst will lc laken in cvcots cnnncciwl with thal fluurbliing puii of Ihc Occaitie rep.ooa.

On tlm I ifc uf Mai. Qncen F nnare H4ucd a Atcrrrr calling togdhcr ihe Ic2wlalivc jtwm^ bh for the tfjlh Jun in M c Ldlowirg lenii z

IILT Majrsly Pomare, Qucen uf tlic Sucicly Isl.imUnnd ihc G neruur Jtiqicrhd Comm ^io^ ncr, in virloe cf ihe GoQtcnt on of lbc Pru^ leclorair of the 5th Xl n 1K 7j

Acconl ng ln thu XAXI1I act of ihc Tah^ li.m txxlo. coniainiug l? e ru cs loaching ihc clcctiun dfiicpu^es to lbc natioind leghdalive asrcmM z

Do hi Tcby dccreez

Tlic lcgi4.uivc anitrnihlv of thc Socicly ls^ lands is cutivvkcd in Pajicelc for thc 13th of Junc IH33.

Papccln, 45th uf May 4833.


Qnccn ofllic Socicly Utands.


Go^cruur aud luipcrial C0111ni ssinuer.

ln clTecl, on thc datc tn miioncd thc sc^ sioos of tlic lcginbilivc nsseuibh were openctl hy Quccn Pumarc and Ihe luip rial txuiium^u^ ncr, among&t n numrrntis coocou. sc ef irnojM, nnd a Bcurirg a of cfllrcrs, Uie w holc sccno cislivencil by snla1^ 1rom llic Frcncli vimscls of war iicllci and ^Prudcnt,B H10 cflecl Curthcr heightcned hy a parraiiucMpliere which gavc ftddiliona1 hrilliniicy lo tlic Mheinn ty.

Tlm Qucco3s hu4ianA tqicnc4l thu procuc. dings wiih a cnngratnlating qieccli to Ibo ntcmhers in hcr nainc, nficr w hich thc liiqtu^ lial couiissioncr in a long aud eloqnent discoor^ sc, piiulcd the rUuiri^ung sUfc of thr L4ands. llic di2rrentcd public works cilbcr complHctl or iuitiaieil, juu t calnriy schools and roads ibo dibilcil no 1hu lienciolcnl ink^ tioiis uf Ihc 1nipcrial Governntenl towards llio Alands, and cndcd by 11t ing oul, the pr.tnl posiiiun thcv nrc ca1lctl upun to fulfill in ibo futnre dcstinics uf ihc PaciGe. Wc lanicnl lliat dcGrtency uf sjiarc in our afntnns will not licniiit us m lliis spccch al lenglh.

By thc arrival 01 ihc frcnch scliuoncr aAdc. Ic.u nn I9ili iusl., 10 days from Tahiti, we havc a furtlicr lile of the nMeMMgcr,e giving tu fificcn daya advanee in dalcs over llioso wc hail pcr wMcrccdcs 5biotcs.a

Tlic a5lcstagera fqwuks of iinporlant repairs bccn surce .sfully uadcrlakcn on verul vcsvels al Papcete, pariicularly rho wMcr^ ccdcs Monlcs.a wbich vcssd having sufTcred daiuagus lo a most acrb as cxt r.t, w as fully rcpmred at thc comparafivc 1rifling cost of e800 francs.

O.1rTnl1i1ian collengues takcs the opporti^ nity tovauot the snperior advantages of tho port of PajAcete over thal of Y^iparaiso, M to the lactlily for hcaving down sltips? lliough wo concedc tlie fact as lo thc winlcr scason, slill we must say lliat repairs tn any exlcnt aro undertaken in our pnrt duting olhcr scnsons of llte year, with perfcct sccnrity. Wc havo no d.ita as to the cauaes wliicii may occasioo less mst thcrc than licre in similar works.

Thc samc paper iikcwisc devoks an article

k? an acxount of a projecled line of stesrocrs ktttero EngUnd nnd Auf4ralia vvia Panania, Thtled Aostraliin direct Meani csvigation foupaoy.n The advantagcs of such a line are taotelfevident to nced anj further rrgumeuU ta our part.

fm.Ii iB iht parCof Paptx tcon ihe 3rd. ullimo.

MEM OF WAB. 2th Marth Frcnch corveito aMosselle,s capt. Beland. I5th s Do. do. vPradent,a capt. Leyritz, fmm Guayaquil touching at Nou^ hiva. 1 2Hh Junc Do. Mvhoooer vTanemanu.v capt. Mahire. 23lh s Pu do. fPajieete,fc capt. Bigiel. n a Do. stp.imrcrvoile vPhoque,n cap. tain Buvis, MEHCOAXT VES5EI.S. I2lh Jan. A.ner. whaler sJames Edward.o 1jice ni3St, ahoot sniling f.trll. 3. I3th a Kog. M.hoooer vl^arolhu Hurt,o tlisehareiog. 23tlt March Amer. Jiip aEmily Tay1or,s Wc4 mns t disrharging. v s Amcrirjui sh p . Orplieus.s XYest mait, luading oil. 2lst May Eng. schonner ?Kmerald # S nilh uias., ahout sn.ting for Sydncy. 3rd. June Fieoclt schr. wM.ine L mise.4 Le^ curm tMoat, about sailing for j Ptmiotcc. J 16th a Frennh schr. vCvroline.D Kousseau 1 mas.,a.repairing. e s Tahilian ship ^Ha3abfS Hade mas, discharging. 2fnL s Chd. Liig tEApresw.v UofTdinz mas.. dischargiug. 2Sdi s Frcnch schooovr ^Bavaal,s 45 de mas., dtscltavging. 36lh a Raintean svliooiicr tfEnnire.a Plntt i mas., about sailing for Ilautlca. 1 l5thMnrvh Aiucr. ship aEllcn Broots.a Davis mns., sold at public auction oo 1 28lhJnnc. 1
3rr naZf owi drpartum at Paftettf 6eVeen j 23th Jym ani 3rd. Jidy. j

AaatVALS. 1 23th June Frcnch ^tenm rorvette hPhoqnc,a J cnp. Bovis, from llilian. 1 B a Do. achr. of war vp4peelc.e capt.. Bigncl. 28th a Do. do. pRxiaaLa Wade mas.. i froii, Ana in 4 davs, provisionsl vslu^d at 2800 franrx. 1 30tb a Raiatean schnoner cKunire.v Plnlt t 1n1s., 1rom Raiatra in 24 houis, 1 ht lulUst. j DEPARTCBBS. j 23lb June French sctir. eAorai.w Tnylori mas. for Gab.forntn. with 127 m.t orangea and 10 m. cillous, value , at 3,250 francs. iSth a lluah.neau I11gger wRejte.o Moino ? mas, for lluHhine. iu I^IIaSt. j a a G4bm1nl ^clir. aMcrcs,v Gavauft, maa, for^At imeono. &1KM tftAMlA. On 17th Jone. thc cnclhdi ship eLnauu . Bnllie,t Goles nas, cailcd for Po t Plullip. i witli 132 pass. nnd 17 loos cilrnn^jairc ship^, jirtl al Tahiti and vnlne nt 6,000 franrs. I On 2Jth Junc, the amer ship ^,a J of 300 tons?eote.a cd llie outcr rwth, this vcs^ wd was rcpariog her kccl and the inajor part J of IWT copper. i On 2nd July. thpnmrr ship eEmily TaJom J bari cout3 aiongnide the nu.iy, to dtacharjce? kilbat and boave dnwn for retnir, llic ship aEtlco Brooks4 will follow the ^Euuly Tjvlora for like jnirpose.
From The San Franciro Pricn Current we exlracl thc revicw of tbat uiarkct correspomU ioglo the weck tnded July 5ih ns follow si Since eur isMie for thc stcainer of thc 5st. a Iargc amount ofhus ness has been trunsacted^ principnlly during the laHcr half of the forU night. Thc trade, geneiaPy, aultcipating thc atiival of a Iargc floct of VCMOIS. 111any of them overdue, had allowod thcir stocks to rnn l0w3 cooscquently, a Iargc portion of theloding articles of thc heavy impoi tations of the pasl weck, mct wiih rcady sale, at ralhcr improi^ cd ratea.

The falling of thc watcr in the upper rivers. csuses eounlry buyers to fecl mxious about aeuding forwatd thcir jupplies before freights advanee, and we thcrcfore look to sec a iwller fcchng in thc market, allhough our vcry hcavy stocks ptetlude Ihc hopc of nny inimediaie ion provemeut of c0nscqm2uce in pr.ccs. Tlic arrival, ofthe forlnighi comprise eiglv teeo from forcign, eighteen from Eastern do mestic, and tlnrty^six frout hnrae domcstic poru.

Bsait.Therc H a good dennnd for appro^ ed Irrandf of Engltsh Ale in hhds The rna^ kct m quite harc of Alkopp^t aud Baia s. Sales of Taylors tn hhds, liave bccn mndt dur tug thc forinight, at doilars 12. But littlc has been doing io 3tont. Thc dcaleri arc geoeraU ly welt mqtplied witli botlled Bcer, most of the recent receipls liavlog bccn takcn hy tliein before arrival. Conaiderahle parcels of bolh Aleand3lout are conatderahly overdue. Ame^ rican Ale aod Portcr are sclt ug to n linittcd extcnt, in libls., at doilars 1t lo dollam IGJ in j boxes, nt doilars 3. 25.

BBEIH.XThe improvement in Fluur sinoe the oppruing of the furtnight, bns ran^nl a slight advanee iu th s article. Sales of 200 hbls ahd 50 rasks Pil.d, at 6c.j 100 hbls Navy. at 5 74C. We note uahn of Faury Hrcad, in lins, to a cansidcr ihlc cxlcnt, at 9 7, at 10c. BKAM4t. der the .oflucnce of large rco j cripls. pricenhnve tkcltiiod. tas salcaof Chili Bayos fr m fiisl ha.tdw, were matle at 5 V,c. GOBM MLAL^T1IB feceipts dering the fort^ night havc bccn large, thc grealrn portion of wbich hns been ali.rod fm liighcr ratcs. The article is in fair deniand. uod sales nrc uukmg, in loU, nt c T quotations. GOFFAX.^ U m govldMitand. S.des, hr.w^ ever, are mohtlv confmed to small p.uc. U. 1Uolders gcnerally arc firm at onr quotations. j CUAL.OThc inarkcl has undcrg iac n t mat^ l erial changc since oui inwue for tlie steaiucr of . Ihe 1st. Thc rcccipta of thc fortnight bav a been light. Salcs of 130 tons. ?nthracitc at c fUrs 30j 50 da. at dolUrs 20. 53. A cargo ol Syile^ ocy, ikOO tons. i rnccivcd a fcw d.iys sincc will jirobahly hc clu6cd at about doilars 33. E11ghsh Coal ii in gord dcntnnd, at iiuotauon^. Fron.Notwirhstandsng tl c rcccipta of Amcrican hhb Flour have bccn quite hcavy l within the fortu ght, our tnarkot hai hecn 61 tu undcr a good detnand hy llie interior tn^ de and for city consumptian. aince our last j iesue. The atock of Clhli in ihe Itands of.n^ IpArlcra had hccomc moch icducid, wliile nd^ jvicesfrnm llie 2onthem coast wcre of socli a chnraclci us to co.iv mce tlic trade tlut the higlicr rntes claimcd from firnt hands would J h ive to h.a submiUed lo. Under this tmpreso I aion. dca1crs liave take ocrasiun tosupplv them l schcs as Itherally as tlieir nieans would admil9 j and llic tr.msacl.ons of the fcrtnigld marka cnnsidctalde ^ndvence upcn the raies current 1 at thc cl.sie of tlic paM monlh. The vcry inftf. rior condilion uf ahuost al thc recent tcccqds i of Americnn Flour, wdl of OCCCM ly nuuuion ji niore libcral nso of Chili by re packcrs, while we licar of cont nu.d complainu from l thc inlcriar of llic poor quality of tlic shij^ j mrottt froui tliis city.
1t was to t^ expectcd tbat as thc scas^n ad^ J vanectl, aud thc wcathcr becanw warm in thc nppvr countrv, iivwe care. would lnvc to bc j u.M?d in prejMring FI.Tur, and ihal a bctter a^ i ticle would lie rrqu.icd for ute. Wc look o^ , rasion lo alludc to this niatter m e former l numhcr, and find tbat our coujcctures havc i pioxed wcll fouude l.

We are in recctpt of advic.w to llie cffcct i ihal ihc rusi has dlcctod our coming crop of i Wh 4it, io SOIM? scctionst bot our harvcst is j noi autfic^ntly edvanced lo ennhle ns to ^peak l of its rcsult. Sincc our tahle of J 1p1porJalions was cocnpilcd. the lltdiatil and 1 Norhera Crown have added 5,000 hbls to our l imports.

Salcs comprisc W10 W sarks ChiH, at doilars 12, without inspectiont 2,000 W sacks. st l dollnrs 13 62 3.k0O sacks, on privalc jlennf, a lot of 1,000 aacks. in halv.w and quarters, to arrive, at doilars 14, as it is? 1,2.50 V, sarks, at dolhrs 14. and 1,003 do. at doilars 14 50t I.C50 bhls Haxail, pcr Sirorco, at doilars 14 for supcrfme. pruved hadj 500 bhls Ihxall, pcr Siroca, at doilars 15, and 1,000, Columhia Mills, pcr sanic vewl, at doilars 13 50, ^hoth lots hadit 103 bhls U ixnll, per Saritrise, at doilars 15, fbad^ 43.1 l lihla Stanton Mdls, per Wilchcrafi, nt doilars j 13 30, iprovcd bnd, and re sold at doilars 10 j j 1,000 htils Gallcgo.pT ssroe, hadb^en jaold to, at do1Iais 14 M, and turncd iont vcry choi^ 500 bblsTu?nairs Brandy^ J wmc. pcr S. S. Bisliop, tbad,n at doilars 9.25. Oiher sroall sales liave eomc to our nolice, but the principal uncs nbovc reported give a fair criterion of transacliuns.

Panrtswns.Thc recc^pts of almost all des. criplions, within the lasl weck, have been cxlrctuely heavy, and allhough at the close advancing rates have in tome insUinccs bccn paid, yct we are inclincil totlie bclief tliat this has been occasioned hy thc numher of buyers l that have be?n atlr.icted to our city by tlie iinflux uf stocks, and the existcnce of some littie cempetition to have thcir porchases go 1 forward as early as pnssildc Nv confideacc ts felt, however, in tbe geutsral tone of tbe mar^ ket, auJ as cousignments shall lie dischargcd, iliscxpccled thal more bvorahle terrns will be ablained by purchasers.

Becf is in full supply for necefSary demands. Sales at dolhrs 28 at doilars 28 50 fnr hbls, und doilars 15 at doilars 15 50 fur half bbk, Any considcrab1e addilional reccipl would bave a teodency to rcdune prices now ruling. Tlie slock of Pork in market is nol large, nud parcels in hand ftfu in quick deniand. at dolhrs 28 at 29 ^xjr Ud, and doilars 15 pcr i half hhl for Mcs^fand dullais 30 at doilars 31 i pcr hhl, and doilars 16 at dolhrs 16 50 per haif bhl, fur Clcar. PsrcU to arrive are takcn l at aliout ll.crMBliguresj thc quantitics knuwu to j bo on the way are, however, cow.derod fully cuuai to the Wants of our inaiket.

Arffrntlnc RepultVle.
Thcrc are 110 bH dates iu town from that inlercsting portion of our cnnlinent. A scriout qti?xli ni is ag tjted belWeeti llie 2ap1tal and tbe provinces, and^el from dearth of advw ccs wc are inliibitcd from giving nny dvtails or note cunrcrning same. Thc hst 11cws we hivc is of thc desiTtion of the whole mval for v of tbe dirrctor laviicral Urquiza, wbich under tlie command of commo lorcCoe, nhaip dnned the of the Cnnstitucion knd GHH greM, ackuowledgtng llte authority of the ui9jrrectionary govcrnment of the city of BuennvAyies. 1t issiid that Or was bribcd with a lirg am mnt of moiiey, We hivc fnr. thcr lirard that this ofliccr being in M mtevi^ deo, nuu having ciiibarkcd liis femily and llie price of fttis treachery 011 lnuird 0fo11c the EIH giish rncn of war padu t, was on the point of vinhnk ng Ibmsclf with thc purposc of qu ting the eounlry, wlien he was pr.thibited from su doing by order of 11. B. M s C01uul at th d port.

BthftosoAyres still conUnnes cloudy besuj. g?d by theforresof the Oin ctor.

Tlie iu W lamititution was aolcmn1y swurn iu all llie prov.nres ou tlie 9th of July last, this day the annivcrsiry of one of llie grial iiidepciidrncc ncts of llie Arxcntine UcpuUic. Thc provhices are perfectly tr.mquil and quielly rrcognize llic aulhority of thc Gons^ Ltutnl CougrcH of Sauta Fc and of thcDireo^ tor General Urquiz.i,

l40cal mtaerllaay. I
FABEWU1L CosciiT. Messrs. Co^neu and Luheck, who lnvc been fnvouring Valparaivoi ?and Ihc Capilid with fretjucl d splnys of thcir j i lalent, during thc hst fcw montlis, gxe thcir j I farcwell roncerl on tite 11th inst. aud lcfl in 1 tlic last steaiucr for thc Goasl. Mr. Lubcck is i j one of tho bcsl pianitlet wo linve hcard, and n hicnd of ours tiieaktog of his brillimt and porfeclly corrvct cxecatinn, likens lih sca1es 110 dmfa of traler on a p rns of ylatttlic stmh j lc struckus as peculiarly happy and i InMrntivo i i of the riistinc enunciutton of each note in llio must dillicalt pjuMges.

l Mr. Cuenen s viulin is vcry respectslde, ba1. lucs not hear sacli a high relative posilion i os Mr. Lubcck s piano.


i That talented nrhiU. Miss CaTnRivK 1 TRS, aftcr plungmg thc Yalparaiso publ c in a 1 wildcrness of dclight d trtng a STICM of intsl , brilliant conccrts, after cnchanling our oral J orgaos wilh the deep patlios of her nngnin^ j ccnt v0xc4ihc thriiling toncs of which. will hc l ever present in oui tncmoryt is now laymg 1 Santiago uuder that contrihul on of cnlhu4ns^ llic appjtusa wlnclt is ihc just mced of her l unrivalled pcwcrs. According tu all accounls, 1 the discriminating and non .discriniinntvig pn^ 1 blic of our1^apilal, has been tlirown inte irnn?u ports of dclight al Miss llayes^ aplcndid jier^ 1 for111ancos, and peoplo ihcre. arc perfectly 1 frantic in thcir eflafts to uhtain adnihtance lo her conccrtsz we bave been lold, ^tltough we d t nol vourlt thc trath of the assertionl that boxes and snls liave been rut up nl auction and koocked down lo thc highcst biddcr.


During the present monlh. an oiMsrnlic conv nauy compoaod of sorne crztsUs, cng iged in lialy expressly for thc Santiago theatre, and rd ulhcrs ihut were. alrcndy in the cmtniry, has bcgun its pei f irmances in the Gnpital witli much sucness. Thc comjuny, wc understand, is vcry riricienl, espocially tho nrimadonna Bjyetti, who has mcr.ted much ap^ plause.


The 5es5ions of llie lejislntre chninbers doso loraorrow, he.l proFaldy thcy will hc prorogued fur fihy days more, which is tlm apace vf timo that the Gonstitution allows Govern ment for thal purpose.

IxnuM or ABAUCO.

1 An imporunt qucstion at prccent 0ccupic. Ihe most scrintts uttrntion of the Senale^soch is the subjection of thc Indun tribcs mhabiting tbe southcrn porbon of Gh^te^Tlie fairest terrilorifH of thu oonntry are in the hands of Ihesc tuv.tges, who oeiliier profit them natu^ ral advrnlMgcs theinselvcs, r Talluw otlicrs lo tln BO. As tlic projcct is under disoosson, wo aro not yct aware of thc moans oltinialds to hc carricd into elTect towurds rcducing tbe Araucamans lo tbo obedlence and dtscipline ol our lawswc reserve onrseUrs fur Ibe final proniuignlion of tbo law tluit may be enacted to the purjxjsc


Thc enterprizing mcrdiaul M. Jo^hua 4Vtub dinglon, perliaps the largcsi 1tousc owner in our city, h ts undertaken an immense canol for tbe purpo^c of conducting water from the QuiUola river to YalparaibO and haa oflered tbe corporation, to afTurd gralitously om Jtwif dred lAo? Aalfoas to he distnbuted to pn^ hlic f mntains Ac.


WHhiu thc present monlh thechilean screwr steamcr CnvinHran has rommenced rntitiing between Valparaiso and the sonthero ports. This vess 4, which is Iargc and roiuinoiVora. having timlergonc a thoiungh repair, has roadc ils 6rvl trip wilh cons derah^c roccesa. Wc have now four steaniers einployed in onr cnaat 1raile, vixz Xuz a Grunada, CaupaJicas, furu and AVr fly.

GAS i.uinr cowrtMT.1Wc have the most unfcigncd pleasure in annunnciog tbat tho nicipniity ofValparniso hasfumied a Gompany with Dun Yentura Sjnchez, witli a rapiul of 60,000 dullars. for the pnriuise of lighling our city tliruugh tlic mrdiuin of carbon c gvs, nnd as tlic fumls ave forthcoming, wc havc nl iast the certainty of our pfmAC& this graud wdc^ sidcrattini.a in ihe coutsc of n very few monlhs.

1 PUPILAB Mistc M.nmiui. Tlie Municipality of this city in onc of thcir Ute &cAtions, rcsult l ved a grant of a locntion to bomn Gennans rean dculs w ho intend 01cning an educntioual scliool for tlie chihlrvn of the working dasses. wbo j cannot afTurd ivecunury remaneratiou.Thc witt 1 g^nntcd is tn have an eddice huilt on it, onu J storv high, the upner portion devntcd to thu i german schnol. and tlie hasemeut fluor will he . lcfl at thc dtsposal of tho Gorpoialion, eit1ier l for sehoul cr othcr purposes. These forcigncrs, j as wcll inf.wmed as chantaMe, havc fortned a benevolcucc aHSociation and liave collectcd suflicicnt funds toaasiat, the tirk Biul destitate and to cducatc the children ef tlieir coun^ 1 trymen. Bes.dcs the. advanlngc4 which tliis j idea devetapea, the Gormnns liave ulfered tho i M11nicipality to givc lesMtns in nmsic nnd singo i ing lo those pnpils of the schools of ihis city, J whoinny appear welldisp.Tcd tolhendquisitioii of thrso br.mches which are deemed so . tial tn german educalinn, cuufcssedly the most 1 advanced in the w orid.

i DKATII OF GXMKBAI MVBOTO. On the25tli 1 instx died iu thiscity, the wcll hnown ohl Sji.v . nUh Gapt iin Genornl Gonds dc Casa Maruto, thc Itero of the Ycrgara trcaty which cndcd J the 1. sl struggle fcr the Crown of Spain.

Tliis vctcrun aftcr 0 hfe of sevcnty years, cf whicli fifty fivc wcre pawsed in the scrvice ed I liis connlry, hraving dangcr in all its sliaprs r bnj al last yiclded to olu King Dealh io the j m jst pe icoablc otanner. nfier luoking I1in1 f fare to farc aud sw rd in hand in luany a j blondy 6eld

J General ll.irotu survcd with distinclion in tlic iK3niitsulAr wart was tlic coinm tndf in . chief of tho spanish forees on the plsio of C4ia^ catniro, in thu annrls of ctflean a tndcpenduncc ns the scenu of the firsl greal I victory ohlatned over thc viteran lro.ipi of I Ca4.1le^Heturned to Spain, General Ma^ Irolu fillcd intporiant posts in tlint connlry, l and u ti111atcly futind amplc scopc for his Ulcnts j in thc Inte surccasion war.

1 llu was thu last Garlist C0mm.1ndcr in rhicf, jand ended the slrife fnot iuglorously wc j thinkl bv llio celehrited trealy of Ycrgara. I eOihellocs otxup.ition goties, thc General l c ime tn ind his davs nuiongst tlic pcoplc who l forgut his having lcd nrtnics against them, iu j that hofpilality ilue lotalent nnd werth.

I Gcneral 5l.truto was uiarricd to a chilean

1 B1OBB AB MT THK GAS LIGUT COBPXM. 1km l Ycnltira Saochcz, who, ns wo ahove stnle. hns furined this company witli llie Munic palitv of our city, starls for E11rope by this steainer, to hring nll ibo machincr v and oli er np,ft ucw neccssary to carry out thc Cotnpauy s ubjeel.

TOE Bisanp OF CABTAJESV, NBW GBAM UA, Tliis right revrrond preUlc, a victim to tlie 1 insalinle fury with which thc liherab? of Ncw Granntlj, pciMocute everv thiug that is reif 1 pectaldc in soricty, not excepting the MinislmM j of thc Most High, lias found a rcfu te ino^lhodox j Chiie, and nher vis ting Gwpiin.b t aud Vulpa 1 raunt ia oow bSaolisgot whvro his oatry was

aln 1 n triumpbul piOccomm, xndt .ery eflin l is 1 .uf made in Ihc cnpitallotcstify llte te^ pecl dup this 1mrned nnd pion^ prmcc of llte chnrrli, obligrd hy llre fibH fnnatln cf his country lo srek an asvlnra in forcign lanili.

Ma. tlrAUBT.

io the cotirsc of this monlh, Ihe ranks of our forcicn merchant s has snfTen d a 1OSM iu ihe persnn ol Mr. Rtrhiird lleatley, who aftcr n rcsidence amor.pM ns of mnny yesrs. darina which hc dtsplaycd all those qoahtie4 which cndcar tnen one lo anvlhcT, departnl on the 7th inslt fov Europa evhb Panam5. in Ihe Vnrle Sam alenraer. A few days More 1vs depar1ure. a farcwell hnnqnet waspiren toMr. lleatley. more than a liundrcd memhrrs of our tnerrantPe rommunitv talli forcizn and chU lcan were present, all enger lo rcndcr Ihis le ttmocial of eslecm and respect t iwards their worthy Zrieml, now lcaving the pacrtic shires.

Wlarltlme SBcmoraiicla.
Lightbovne nl Anrud, Chilut.

A meclmp of masters nf veasels, presiilcd bv the captainofsaid port, commander don Miguel llurlada. was called tngctber for the purptue of dcc5ling llie spot whereon the propngrJ liphllionse of An^ad. shoidd he con4rurtedj and nfterFome dtscnvsitm it wasrrsnlvcd that the aforreiid building hc erected on the Punt t de ta Curtto.

Panguerou^ SanWtanl in tbe Par i fir. From the Panamd Star wc take the follow^ ing important


The new Sand Imnk whicli is forming. owioato the influenee of suhmarine v. Iranir agency, is SJlunled .33 md a lo the S. W. of the insland ofSan Gloincnfc and at ahnut 8 iri1cf from tlie coral rcrf indirated on thc . cxplorcd coaal hy the Vnited States. but not laid dnwn on ar.y chart^ 1t is n1mul a nrle an l ahalf in extcnt. ond is nn ihe drcct ronte of the Meamora lliabniko PanamA. aud was ween hy raptain Cmppor of llte Cdrtrt and Mr lleavy chef ollieer of llte samcs it wm likeww sccn bv thc Commander of lbc Pacvr. Captain Cmppcr oltserved the follou ing phenomennn.. thal part cf thc Water sirreu udng tlic hank. wns perfectly sniooth. when oT a su^len. a colnmn of water rnsc to the height nf ahmt 20 .^el as if impcllc l from beneath, and iliouch Jhe water was whilidt and foaming. y ot ile appcarance and colour did no? dtfTer from hrcakrrs. Tlie walery column sank imiuo liaif^ lv. and the se.i wns as smnoih as before. The phenomenno was repeated several timcs. Icav. ing no douhtron thc minds of those thal wiU ncs^cd it. of ihc rxistcncc of a sabiuarinej vctcano on ihc spot. According to olttervalioas takcn on board of the Mcnmer Poeifir, tlfs Rank is siluated in 32s, 30r X. lotitudc and MPC9r W. Longhwle.

To thc Pnbllc.
Find ing oursclves under llic rcre^ sity of reviewing lbc vv liolc rotirsc of cvents. fureign nnd domeslic. during thc cnlirc inonth j tlm qtmnlity of nmtlcr on hand tobedigcslcd in n pmpor form, hns ohliged ns in order to kecp our prrn misc of pnblishing lo day, lo givc n Iale issuc.

Vafpnrobo, 31 .4ujtof 1853.

Notwilli4anding thc varicty of iiilcrcstinp nrrivabt oT valualde rnrgnes during tbe pasl forlntghr, 1hetc is slill a gcneral dallnes prc. valltng in th? niaikct fur most drsr nplinrf rf Dry Gonds. AMuirtmcnts uf freidi goods fir tlie pmtimatc season are very full, nnd wc rxpcd preater aclivity in Ihe rnmring 1nuntl1. Thcrc has licen enn^ideralde businr^. ilone in rnttgb g.xxfr, 1b uith evident tendency to a derlinv in prices is mauifest in many ar^ tirles rcrenllv in aciiwr rmiir^l.

57As. intpotU Urge and varted. from Franre, Gertnanr nnd Chiua. Pr^Aes and Sliawls of dcdmlile shle are in ^eas^n & sn. trable. tdiiuerc emhr.Tidj r.^d Goods nrc dnJ1 al scarec5y rrtunneratirg fJnetie. A^ortme11ts fuP. S.d vcry limited. Splrili. ln hrbk deman i at fnll mtes. fnr Ilratidies, Frcnrh A SpanhJu Gin in Gaa^ very srorce. Olire Oite. In roqii^t at qiiotalbn8, othcr olnindant and dull. Ale and PartT. Cnrrenl sale. Metale, A parccl i f Amrriran SheaJ1img sold at 38 c. and some paTcb loanheat 30 r. beimnd vcry cctive. O h^r tmiuh or quiet. 7fcr. Allli h hnporb luvc wrge from j Pwa, OI. u.u. Baia.h & V. S. primj havr Be^n w,Jl tu4ainpiI. VAV iftc uIn nl BDO 1UI.TS Perur. a 4.75.730 bjh M nilla^a.3. t5. 1200 t jihmtla a 3.75 qth Surar. 501 bh Am. n fm^l sohl al 26 3jl rt. nrr. For a Cargo of 30,000 ars. rcrmuihw Sjgars just nrrivitl, 14 1jS rs. offd. antl H3 rs. a ked. 10.003 qlls. Peruvj Chn^nea rhangKl Iwndsat3.40qtl. The Cajcntta Sn. 1 gar. cx Ship, tnlu at 8 it. 10 1j2. 11. and 1righ as 15 rb. for line rhrUlalifed qtialitv. Cdfxr. Stcady detnand A s.dc. at quotalions. Ctnh. Wchli Co th wjnlod for Evptrl. Tbe lwi cargo04 of X w Cistle Oials on wlc ncr last i^ue, wrje tsken al 14 dols, dctitercd in Cald Ta. Tlie rargu cf Wrldl wenl ont rf the ir.ark di Of f.hilian CnaU, oite rarg . has heru . sold fir 1 cal coUvoniption at 9.75 ton 20qtU 0 1 b. ar L l.umbfT, I11 hrbk d^msiid. SihM of 100,030 frct Aiu. part drccsed, ul G5 focm. Lard, BcctMntng ahnndml and i f ralliT i du3 sajc. J TaHttr, VYnnted. Salfttal t6 d db. loiurive. 1 Kn Inuk drinnml at quutns. j Zf rf A Purfe Ahambnt aiid dvcliifnx. t Ua nt. Am. plcaly. Engihh A Gennau J rce. j Scir^c and w udcd f n Evn,rrt. Xo tfirc^gn n matk^ U 1 A htwndt. Srarcc, saJcable ol 28 dolU. j Cwdnye. If itli tarrcd 0 id Mauilla beeiunc iuliunduv. A zlecUnhrg. A ronsiderabe parccl 1 nf C dr A Mmilar flape, amt Casivafct, i upap. . ted frnni Cilcutta. 4iU nns 1d. Ganjtii B 17s. Very ahnndanl nnd JuJi ot 11. 14 and 10 c. ac.wdmg tu^izv. EXPOhT.n.Fia11r. Wns qtjicl unt 1 the arrival oftli? maik frnm CiHforiiia, wheti a sn 1 len atiinn. Imu burnt ttpun 1vmaik d. ned iu tlrecuurse nf a f w Ineirs nh mt 30.000 qtU. rh icg?d li n k al fnll r.iti?s, sn dollarf 8,30 hassnf ali six C aniBrrahlc sal v h ivc i kcwinr ln 0 1 mnk fir dt4ivery at ralmlinann, rnd smn^ cxpecied MIWI. are cngiged at sanr micc. At l.nnt scvcn c&hdis nf the pnrrlnscs 1mve Iwvti by spciubtors for Sm Franciw,. We b k br a cniitinmncc of present rufng ratc. and se^ 110 rms m at present for any m H leri daUrration i 1 the pricc. H hy2t. We h# T nf 1E1 tr.ww tiuni whaJe. ver.uo3tttfll psirc3.50 per finega. Barl q. 4nii^tnlbnsof a ri^ in lliU gnun n rtddm rlierk the day aftcr thc sa l ng of ihe hst IS k ?t, by th ereturn ship. utrnl of^unn20T.l fpun 51etb mruc, mp siug thc pricc tn inccdc offain to 23 rh. fm. which il at prvimt mmntaiuc tli u12h IMIK wtMMs dnring th ? p.ial fntinght bive been tnflin?. HuJdcrw b .wever arc fi in. nnd somc sab s Inve li^en rff. chM at epiotalimK, DHrtf PmrleM, CI ndnza v A sile of iTme 1500 qth. dcw..aofas lias bccn efTei l?d al cbrut 14 didhirs qtl. not slriclly prime? A s.fp.Tt T a?ticle r^iuHit U? hou.hl at hss llian 1 13. 1j2 to l7ddU. Z7BTHM. DI all rl IS^CR are cvrecdingly srarcc i and mucb sougiit aft T f tr b vne cnrsumpiiun. tintfioi imneare nffeti^g. ^ales small par^ j cch 5.0 r.idi. Wliite 1hans worth 4.4 rash.. .IZoir. Liinitcil deman 1. M iket suppHed.j Suiall tates at 2.90 11 3 d 4U. fan. Zfra.i. Ahnndaut at 1 10 fan. 81 I3H. fugsed .YMU. Slalionar J J we report an hnlated sal of abuot 800 fanejas at 5 25 to 5.50, G t.10s. br Evpuil. Copper. We liave lieard or nn 1ran^artinns liot lers tcfUMtig to inect purdusers al Ur piire t f 19 d.dhrs on board. 1fides. Numinal, r.ancin market, being out uf Z.urm IFowf. 3500 qtts prime,cv riiip sold at 2.50 qtt. G nms.very abundant. Xitrate. We are not aware ol nny traib sactioiis during Uiepast forlnighi. n.UW DOLLAKS 7 1r? a 7 30 V. pnm H 411 S1LVEH. pnre 10.12 pcr niarc. tiDI.H. bv IS.19 lil rs. pTCash none. EXCI1AXGK on I.nn.ina 46 E2 u 1G d. s Parh4.9X M C. S. par, Sales.
i FreiffhUi and fbarteni.
Thcie bar been rencwed artiHlv in Fxel l gh?M Siore t ur lasl. Tbe subjriiucd l.ikl prises lbc Cbartix rfterte.1.

1 IXGI.tMt5 ZZf .l.V0z ordert h n l^t in G. B. j Br. Bk. B. rlmtlian Ibs. tli. 1. C j n D I.ord MetcaX B B 4. r. j To dirert t Br. Bk. C^ohiuvie 0 B XJTHATEt n hmrton dinct. Br. Bk. 4Yullru Aiuncaatcr. B JB 4. 0 1. 5 OBESS fo Snuuera. IK UL. E^hcr Franrix.... B B 4. C. B M Aearii.....B B 4. 13 u 0 Ship B1r0S B B 4. 15 Cu.MI.VENr. JZf . Ibbun Bk Furtauala.. liiu, stl. 4. 10 .VZTit.SfZ?. M llamtq Hk. Cfhlime fOw neCs acc^ IMTF.B STATES. Z7f J.Y0 orrfrrs. Am. sbip Jidtu Mandi4ll....... dollc. ttl Bril ellip Auudi i a. 10 O.TKviZ.r ZTc^rt. 1 Au.. Ciip fthin K lUcr B sa BVL5GS AIBE^. 1 Avorlrd proJuc^ 1Hn. briff Ade4ue. 1. C dnlls. 5.00. j fAl.lFORX14. i 11 imb. hk. And obr. U4n1b. 1 g. Enimn, liitenfcelli. A l at doturs io per lio i, I.1ln4d p1i1uip0lly lToUi.

Foreinn rr19rlt arrired ia the atoafA of A tqu t.

i Hnmsa.1 August 4th^ ShipGoorge Fyfc, opt Bairow, il 17days from hday, put back for wmt of 1 crcw. ^ol^elre and woal, lo Widinni Dun^ H ran. 5^Bark loiliia, capt IT^IC, 11G d vs from j Ncw Ca^le, cnsh. to Naylor Conroy A Co. Ibrk Cosninpoliic. capt Fesytli. L8cLxs from 1 i Mciieo, Brasil wvod. to order. . Bark B4rhudi4n, rapt lolyrc. 101 days fnm Gjngow, IHS rtod. to Crasi A Co. 1 Brig Garlnnd, captain Garde, 110 days from i Cuik. toJs. lo order. j 6^Ship Suilrj, capt Lnnl?et, 103 d.os from J Liverpool, rnais. WdliAms in Duncan A Co. j7^Cark Mcssengcr. cqil W nple. 107 days i from CarihfT. coaNt. lo Waddington Ti uiple^ 1 man A Co. Briq Patnprro, capt Johnson, ?3 days nut i l ark. mnkiag w^tcr. I1o4no. lo Grccn Ni j chtdson A C1. 1G^ Steamcr Nocva G anada, capt Wrlls, G j days frniu Anrud and thc tnlcrm. pnits. to j thc agcury of ihe P. S. N. C. S., uative t producej 49 p3ssengers. j 2tb^Il irk Caromaadel. capt. lla ld r, f37 davs j for Sydncy, hallest. to order. j 23^Bark Glonlervic. capt Andcrsnn, 38 days j for 1lohar town, Itallasl. procrcded lo Calhia. 1 Bark Ahtraman, capt Ynuug. 1t 0 da^ s br U. j i vcrpiat. nssn^cd, lo II. Mh. Ahdlcr ACo. 23^Buk P.irsce. rant llenderson, 113 ilaysl for Lmdon. put lwrk by loss of the pifol i and Iwo mcn of the crcw. leakv. . 24^Slr. Nacva Gmnada, rapt xVePs, 3 days i lor Caldera. hallaat, Ajeiu^ 84 jvt^s^ngrrs. jSbip Oht cr Cromwc2. capt Alrxandcr. 81 days for Glnsgow asnorted. lo F. Walton j A Co. 2 piwMnuer^. 1 B rk Lord 5blcall. r.iptan Cargdl, fiom Purl I Piiillip, hallftsl to ord r Ibrk Fanoy. c^pt. 4Yalter 4 ihys from 1 Ydldivia, put hark. bnano, lo W. Gihi^ A Go. j B.irk Edward UcverC c.ipt. Griflin, 93 days from Calcutta, sugar. neo, WAo,ycor.l.igc j A hags, lo lUrcnscroft lirolhm. . Ship Inglalld t Qnccn, capt. 198 d.iva from 1.H j verpool, assartcd, toNaylors Gonroy ACo. 20Brig Khzabelh, capt. 1tob. Grate, 118 days frutn L?ndonj this vcsid hasaanaxi^ liir fdeim m.irhinc. 1G hnrao powcr, and procccds lo ihc artic regions in soarrb for Sir John FrankMii. Back llarriet, capt. EuJiric 104 d.nn frcm I.ondon, aSMWted. to L1n1pe M. A Bark Zeoloos. capt. J. Wilson, 119 davsfrorn Lcilh, roals, to onb r. 27^hip llcraza, capt. Bakcs G0 dayg frotn Pernaiiibuco. sugar, to Ueatley llarkar A Co. 28^Stcmicr Bogoto, capt. Stracham, 8 tj2 Ar.v from Calhio A intcrm. pnrts. Agcucy, nid c., GGpasscngcrs and 239,000 doilars in spccic. Ship Scringapatan, capt, Conncll 100 days from I.itcrp3ul, coals to Waddington Tcnw pleiu.inA Go. 29^Bark Princ^ Clrarles, capt. P. Rczz, 118 ihrs from London. oMartcd. toCrossACo., C passcngers for San Fraucisco. AXRHICXNS.Augnst 4fh.S^camcr Uncle Sam. capt Mill, 44 days frcm Ncw Yurk and 18 from ICo Janciro, wlicrc shc louchcd, merdiandite, to 01den 37 passengcrs. Gt1i^Slrp Lcodis. capt IloLbcn, 52 ilays frrw Mdbournc, ballast, to F. llutli Gruning A Company. l5^Slnp Mischicf, capt A. Thomp^on, 74 days frotn New York, uikiang water, to Nye A Co. 17^Ship Adclnida, capt Gohh, 40 uavs from Galla , put Lack, making watcr, huane, to Josc Gcrvero. 19^kbsscs B111dwU , capt CoUen. 112 fron Boston, awrictl. lo F. Huili Grucing A Co i2G^Ship Oscar, capt Linroln, 118 dayi frrHn io Biston, asrortcd, fvr San Franciseo. to Nt,. 1 A Co. 1 27^Ship Crurader. cajd. Enton. IC3 days fo, i IJojIon, A a&mrlcd, in Abop A Co. J fr Iuivctt. j Angust 5s.h^ Bvrk trBnsparl Prcvcyantc, capt i Laurenl, Cl days from Bio de Janeiro. J18^^rhr. Adcla, cant Bmguct. 40 daysjrom j Tahiti, oil, lo t.a Multe du Purtail. 123^^bark Paqortc Parana, capl ^ngprpt. 91 j days fer Botdcjux, assortcd. loMrnueACo. 9 j assrogcrs. 23Bnr0 Unslavc, cap1. Gclls, 193 days for Ihvre. nssorted, Ig J. Jullian A Co.j 7pas^ SCDRCrt. IlAKBtnG.August Pth.^ Birk Andador, capt Julnnn. scn, 2li davs from Guayaquil, cancs, to lloppa A CJaiaant 25 passcngcrs. t5^1hrk Cliristinn, caplain Jaggrnhrock. 54 davs fr.mi Melhourne, harlcy, liunicken A Ba1ir. 17^Brig Emnn, capt A. E. Raven, 63 days from Mnzatlan, Rrrsil wood, lo hrancis PU fi.vACo. 2^Brig logehorg, capt. Ileandcwad, 130 days fiom Ilauiburg. assoricd, U.pjH3 A CafSnuwn. 28Bark Elixabolh, cant. Tli. M. Junicu, IC3 days 1rom Aarhurg, assorled. to F. Uu h Gruuingt 2 paBS.mgws. L9^BrigUilo, capt. Ahlrnann, l00il ys fm. Uamhurg. as80itrd, to order. Divisn.Angnst I7ih.^Sc3r. Adelna, capt 1Jaod. 52 days fnm Sm Franciseo. Iialhst, tn llappc A Cdm^nnj d ^lars 70.7d5 29 gold dnM. 18Bark Furtumla. capt 11. Rahr, 73 dayi frani San FranrUco, produdst 8 puseengcr A d dlars 18.000 oM dusl. UtTCH.Aug 2T^Rark Olivier van Nofd, capt. J. Goyt, 98 days from Ilavre, tmsorlrd, to Mersie A I2o, 5 pas engers. 28^Brig Jjiiana Jacoim. capL V.mdcr llarts. 103 diys from CnrdifT, coals,, to SITTOVS A Co. SWCUIMI.j AoguM 3d.Brig Ttierhi, capt Prtersen, Milt^ j netre, ta Lampe MuHer A Feh man. put ln. k hy less of c^ptain ovcrbu.ird in a galr. MLXICKV.i Augusl ttli.^Schr Catmelila, capt Caa&d, 25 1 d..ys from Paita. haiiuBl, to A. Saitvlicx. Pxorvuv.jAugUSt 5th.^B4rk Dolnres. Ugaric. capt Ga^ ray, 25 days from CaMno, hallast, to SaOo chcx Br. tbrrs. G^Schr Juliana, capt Eatlenmolc. 122 days from Ncw Y01k, asio. led, to Lampe Molier A Fehinian. 13^B rk Fcdcrico do Lima, capt llagen, 70 da^s from San Franciseo, btdlnst, lo Gr.iliaui Rowc A Co.xller captahi Mcyn died during llie navpahon. Bark Manucl Vgarlc, capt Artcnga, 53 days from San Blas, luaxil wood, Sonchct Brothcrs. 19^Bark Cinra, capt. A. Lunn,. 2J days fm. Lamhnycrpw, produrts, to Nicolns Gatica.
For ijn ve tclt nailed from Valparauo dtsrinj tbe m^nth of Angittt.

Bmrtsn.Aognst Ist.^Stcamcr Santiago, capt R. Jov, for CAlIno A tho inlrrni. norls, assorled, to fhe P. S. N. G. Stcamera Agcncyt G6 ps^ scnxers A 130,003 ddlors in specin. 3^Bark Athole, capt Th. Frozcr, for Caldera, coals. Graham Rowc A Co. Bark Manitln, cnpt P utitt, for C qalralxj. hab lasi. RavcnScroft RroUier. Brig Harcliell. capt J. Hicks, for Callao, as^ soiled. Cross A Co. Bark ilorshurgh. capt Monscy, for London, liuano, William Gihhs A Go. Rark Bowling, capt Chandtcrs, coals, Lyou Brotliers. e Steamcr Nncva Granmla, capt WeBsr for Cliilo p. Southcrn ports, i.gency, mcrqlundincs 34 passcngcrt. 4^ Bark Ahbots Rcading, capt J hoslou, fnr Caldera. Br.iz3 woou, F. Iiuth Gruning A Company. e Bark Parkueld. capt J. Smith.^for England, huano, F. W. Schwager A Ca. Bark Tcmplcmao, crpt W. Eilig, for Caldera, hallast, Mycrs bhmd A Co. 7^Rrig La3a Rookh. cant Twohay, for Sjd^ ncy, wcveril mcrcl.a^1h&e, Alsop A Co.j k passengcrs.





Unknown, “The Valparaiso Echo, Wednesday August 31, 1853,” British Chilean Newspaper Project, accessed May 6, 2021,

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