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Index of Newspapers

Note: only titles with hyperlinks are included in this digital collection; we include a chronological list of all identified British Chilean titles for reference.

The Valparaiso English Mercury: 1843-1844

The Neighbor: 1847-1851

The Weekly Mercantile Reporter (becomes the Valparaiso Mercantile Reporter in January 1850): 1849-1853

The Valparaiso Echo: August 31-November 30, 1853

The Valparaiso Herald: 1853-1854

The Valparaiso and West Coast Mail: 1867-1875

The Chilian Times: 1876-1907

The Western Courier: 1892-1895

The Star of Chile: 1904-1906

The Anglo-Chilian Times: 1907-1908 

The South Pacific Mail: 1909-1993 

The Chilian News: 1913-1915


The newspapers published by the Anglo-American community in 19th and early 20th century Chile include the Valparaíso and West Coast Mail (1867-74), the Chilian Times (1861-1909), and the South Pacific Mail (1909-1993), as well as at least nine other papers with shorter runs. These periodicals engage the central political, economic, commercial and cultural questions of their day. Some of the papers were produced by distinct subsets of the Anglo-American colony in Chile (English, Scottish, and American) and emphasize issues of national identity. As material objects, these newspapers embody the global history of travel, migration, and exchange; they enable researchers to explore the historical connections between Britain and Latin America, which remain under-examined.



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