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Alfredo Helsby, Paseo Atkinson (Oil on canvas, 1896)
Painting of Paseo Atkinson on Cerro Concepción, Valparaíso, Chile, a well known viewpoint associated with the British colony. Alfredo Helsby descended from one the pioneering photographers in Chile, William Helsby, who landed in Valparaíso in 1845.

South Pacific Mail: Ladies' Number (1935)
This is the cover page of the 1335th edition of the South Pacific Mail, most of which is dedicated to a depiction of Lady Kinnaird, an early figure in the YMCA.

Advertisement: Superior Tea, Weir, Scott & Co.
This is a Spanish language newspaper ad for tea by Weir Scott & co.

Illustration (hand-tinted engraving) from Maria Graham, Journal of a Residence in Chile (1824)

Valparaiso Football Club, Chilian Times
This is a photo depicting the Valparaiso Football Club, taken in 1895.

Mackay & Sutherland's Athletic Football Club
This is a photo depicting Mackay & Sutherland's Athletic Football Club of Valparaiso, taken in 1895.

Ships at Esmeralda Street, Valparaiso Harbour, 1895
This is a photo of ships in Valparaiso Harbour, taken in 1895.

View in Condell-street, Valparaiso
This is a photograph of Condell street in Valparaiso Chile

Queen Victoria and the Prince of Wales
This is a photograph depicting Queen Victoria and Albert, Prince of Wales
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