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About the Project

Butterfly on handThis project was born out of a rare moment where I felt completely present.

A moment that was shared by many across the country at different points of the year 2020 as they watched the news, united in the streets, or took afternoon walks.

I'm living through something historic. I am a part of history.

As the first lockdown came in March of 2020, my dad turned to me as we watched the news in a quiet house and said "You need to be keeping a journal." 

From this, my own awareness of my place in capital 'h' History, I began to transport myself forward in time and ask myself questions: What will be remembered and what will be forgotten? When everything is said and done, how will I tell this story? What will have changed because of all this? 

With this project, I document the events that occurred between the 15th of May and 31st of August, 2020. Not as an objective timeline, but as the stories people tell others and themselves in their own voices. By engaging with and listening to the participant's stories on this webpage, I hope for visitors come away with a greater understanding of the way people experienced the summer. I hope that they can reflect on the assumptions they held during that time, and carry the lessons learned regarding the experiences of others forward as many of these events continue to play out. Essentially, I hope that they integrate the stories found here into their own and carry them, intricately intertwined, into the future.

You can find a reflection on the project here.