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Delaney Zuver was born and raised in Bryan, Ohio. This project is just one aspect of her undergraduate Independent Study project completed during her senior year at The College of Wooster. 

She spent her summer of 2020 taking sunset walks, baking, and learning how to skateboard. 

She would like to thank the following individuals: 

I would like to start by expressing my deepest gratitude to my advisor, Professor Nikoi. Thank you for the time and energy you have poured into my project. This process wouldn’t have been what it was without your gentle yet consistent reminders to embrace the creative and to ground myself in what really makes this project matter: people and their stories. Thank you for your wisdom, your patience, and your guidance.


            Thank you to Dr. Rohini Singh. Your generosity, compassion, and enthusiasm for the field and the people in it has affected me more than you could know. Without your support, I’m genuinely unsure where I would be in this journey. You model so much of what I hope to embody as I leave this institution.


            To Tessa: I can’t thank you enough for all your patience in helping me with this project. Our weekly meetings kept me motivated and your affirmations kept me from giving up. You work so hard and help so many. I appreciate you so much.


            To Catie: Thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for all of your help in the creation of this site. Your dedication to helping students make their projects the best they can be does not go unnoticed by the campus community. You’ve contributed so much to this project, and I really don’t know what this website would have been without your insight, your abilities, and your flexibility.


            I also would like to thank my participants. Obviously, this project would not be what it is without your incredible generosity with your time and energy, your willingness to be vulnerable and honest, and your enthusiasm for my study and its goals. I am so honored that you trusted me with these stories, and I hope that you know how much of an impact they’ve made on me. I know that I won’t be the only one who has been changed from hearing about your experiences. 



            To the students involved in el Comité de Niñas, Niños, y Adolescentes por sus Derechos: thank you for the much-needed page turn in the story of my life. I think of you all, all of the time.


            Sending a the biggest, longest, COVID-negative hug to my friends from Wooster and beyond. Each and every one of you cannot comprehend how you’ve contributed to this project. From conversations shared in Hider A to FaceTime catch-ups to long walks where we forget there’s somewhere else we have to be, you’ve supported me every step of the way. I would be so honored to be but a foot note in the stories of you tell of your lives. You all make it easy to put people first.


            Thank you to the Brocks for beginning this journey by reminding me to live, dammit.


            Finally, thank you to my supportive family for teaching me through example what it means to love, for instilling in me the importance of listening to and learning from others, and for encouraging me to be a leader and to write a story of my own.

You can find her thoughts on the project here.