Welcome to 2020 Summer Stories, an Independent Study Project by Delaney Zuver

The summer of 2020 brought with it a variety of transformations and revelations on both personal and societal scales. The purpose of this website is to collect and document those changes and their impacts on real people in hopes that individuals both future and present may learn and connect with those who contributed to this project. 

You can find these stories in the 'Browse Stories' tab. If you're looking to find stories that mention specific topics, search for said topic in the search bar. You can also find stories based on the participant's geographic location in the 'Browse Map' tab. Finally, the exhibits provide further context on topics often brought up in the interviews. 

If you have any questions or concerns about anything you find on this website, please contact me at dzuver21[at]wooster.edu. And happy listening! 

*Transcriptions are forthcoming!